Nevada peaks

2,823 peaks

Highest peak

Boundary Peak

13,147 ft / 4,007 m

Most summited peak

Charleston Peak

176 summits

Most prominent peak

Charleston Peak

8,241 ft / 2,511 m prom

Nevada summits

5,433 summits

First Ascent Awards

646 of 2,823 peaks 22%

Top climbing months

March 9%

June 9%

May 9%

Nevada mountains highlights

"Intended to be peak three of three, this was actually peak three of four (had to return to Sunday Hill). Had a bit of, er, trouble finding the geocache on the peak, so we went back down the same way we came up - and found it this time. Nothing major to report; pretty views of southern Red Rock NCA, and gorgeous desert landscapes, as per usual. :)" - Trident, psychikingjes, Mar 18, 2018
"The revenge of Sunday Hill! We had completely missed a geocache. After summiting Peak 4496 and Trident, we crossed the road again, and went directly up Sunday Hill for a second summit (and that pesky geocache). This second summit was at approximately 12:00 PM. Yes. We're such dorks we summitted twice in one day. ;)" - Sunday Hill, psychikingjes, Mar 18, 2018
"Summit #1 of Sunday Hill was around 8 AM on Sunday 3/18/18. We grabbed some geocaches (missing one, which we did not realize until later) and left a register at the peak. A nice sunrise. We approached from the East (headed West)." - Sunday Hill, psychikingjes, Mar 18, 2018
"Second summit of a three-summit trip. (Actually four, because we re-summitted Sunday Hill at the end of this...) Found the geocache (eventually). Had a good time. Very straightforward, just... up." - Peak 4496 ft, psychikingjes, Mar 18, 2018
"I went to the top of Harlan’s PT Peak today for some Meditation, Visualization, Affirmation, Relaxation, Sun Salutation and Rejuvenation. The breezes and views were divine. I always see cute, chubby, chicken-quail, mountain grouse Families up there. I love the sounds they make. My legs were tired from a lot of mileage but I was steady. :55min to the Summit (via Muffin Trail), :40 min on top and Down to the car in :37 min. I was tempted to run down Bob Gnarly with reckless abandon and no regard for my safety but my legs are dead and I was likely to trip and fall on my face, so I chose to scam" - Pulsatile Tinnitus Peak (PT), paula.raimondi, Mar 9, 2018

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