In which we will attempt to document all notable changes to peakery


    Web app:
  •   Added this Changelog as option under More in top nav.
  •   Added new map features and UI to all maps across site (3D map, photos, awards, challenges, and classics on the map). Note that different maps feature different content, such as the log detail map will only show geotagged photos from that specific log. See blog post for more details on all of the new map features.
  •   Changed 3D map to load the most recent photos near the center of the 3D map vs in a 3D map bounding box. This prevents replacing photos near the center of the 3D map with photos on the horizon.
  •   Updated all maps to Mapbox GL JS v2.0.1.
  •  Added caching to Homepage/Latest page to greatly speed up loading time. These pages will now cache for 1 hr; if you're the first to load it for a region after an hour it'll take a bit longer to load.
  •  Fixed log summary cards sometimes not showing map thumbs.