4,925 ft / 1,501 m


320 ft / 98 m


145 summits

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March   13%

May   13%

February   11%

Most climbed route

Double Slot Route from Kraft Trailhead

Class 4
"11.9.18...The most Epic Mountaineering Day of My Life. 10.5 Peaks, 11 miles, 4,200’ gain, 8hrs of sustained scrambling, traversing all the Calico Ridges in Red Rock in their entirety with Horse Peak as an extra credit (out of the way) running finale. I failed at one of the exposed go around corners along the way but I hope Harlan forgives me for backing down on that one. I did most of the hard stuff but I have my limits. My hands are completely bruised and battered and my hips and glutes are scraped clean of many layers of skin from crawling through sandstone all day. Thank you Harlan for keep" - paula.raimondi, Nov 9, 2018
"9.18.18 3 Peaks Hike. Calico Hills II, Calico Tanks & Red Cap Peaks. Harlan taught me to Scramble like a real mountaineer. This is the 1st time I’ve ever done this 3 Peak Hike solo. And the first time Traversing from Calico Tanks Peak to Red Cap solo. One of the climbs he use to use a hand-line for me and today I did it with a juice box in my hand! (1,000’ gain, 4 miles, Total time 2:12hr including :35min photo shoot)" - paula.raimondi, Sep 18, 2018
"Rob was celebrating his second time completing the Las Vegas 52 Peak Challenge with Hiking Las Vegas' 52 Peak Club. There were about 30 people total hiking up to Turtlehead Jr via different routes to celebrate with him. We had a small group join us on the easy route from Sandstone Quarry, since we were all beat from yesterday's epic 14 hour ordeal. We enjoyed a nice, long break with everyone and participated in the mannequin themed photo op at the top before heading back down the way we came." - Kevin, Feb 11, 2018
"St Valentines Day Quad Massacre. 4 peaks, 10 miles, 4,000' in 6hrs. We traversed Goatbed Ridge (south to north) bagging Goat Bed Peak, Gray Cap and then Turtlehead Peak. We bagged Red Cap on the way back just to solidify the pain. Great Day. Super workout." - paula.raimondi, Feb 14, 2017
"Good hike after all the snow has made it tough to hike Red Rock. My old neighborhood friend Billy had recently joined and got on this hike with me. Good to catch up,after many years." - acekelly, Feb 7, 2017



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