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North loop

"We did the Mummy Head to Toe hike, which is a traverse over Mummy's Nose, Mummy's Forehead, Mummy's Chin, Mummy Mountain (Mummy's Tummy) and Mummy's Toe. There were a couple of short class 4 sections and some exposure during a traverse from the Forehead to Chin, but everyone did well. This was my first time trying the full traverse - I had been to each of these summits multiple times, but not all in the same day. When all was said & done, we did around 13 miles with about 5200 feet of gain, according to my Garmin GPSr. This would have been more fun if there wasn't so much damn smoke in the" - Kevin, Aug 11, 2018
"I joined Shin and Bob for a short LV backpacking trip to a paradise like camp spot near Mummy Springs. Monday we did Fletcher Peak and Tues, Mummys toe (my 1st time on this steep peak with killer views) In the last 5 days I did 5 Peaks for 10,000' total gain & 13,000' total elevation loss. Mummys Toe, Mummys Nose, Mt Charleston, Lee & Fletcher. " - paula.raimondi, Jun 14, 2016
"Took the Southern Route to Mummy's Toe, which none of us had tried before. We started at Trail Canyon & took that up to the North Loop Junction, where we veered off-trail & took the ridge up to the cliffs. We made our way up the cliffs & traversed along a very scenic ledge before joining the standard route just before the summit, where we ran into Amber's group. Instead of descending the same way, we took the standard route down Mummy Springs to Raintree, then took the North Loop Trail back to Trail Canyon. Great route & good company!" - Kevin, May 31, 2014
"When I started, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. By the time I got up top, the sky was black & there was active lightning over on Griffith. I ran down off the ridge & the sky opened up between Raintree & Trail Canyon. I put my poles down & crouched in a ditch until the worst of it blew over. Very scary. Lightning everywhere. Hair on my arms was standing up. I also got soaked." - StudioHoodoo, Jul 26, 2009



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