11,916 ft / 3,632 m


8,241 ft / 2,512 m


231 summits

Top climbing months

June   27%

August   18%

July   18%

Most climbed route

Trail Canyon to North Loop Trail

Class 2 • 5,170 ft / 1,576 m gain


  • Qualifies as an Ultra peak (>5000 ft / 1500 m prominence); the most prominent peak in Nevada
  • A very popular mountain to climb; only 35 miles northwest of Las Vegas
  • Snow covered for half the year.
"Everytime I’m on top of this Beautiful Mountain a happy memory is created. Charleston Peak #65 was one of those perfect days. I love all my Buddies who make me happy and spend part of their day climbing Big Mountains with me. Thanks Friends. Thanks Maia for inviting us. You are a beautiful person and have such an amazing spirit and energy." - paula.raimondi, Oct 29, 2018
"10.16.18....Charleston Peak #64, #12 this year. I had the great honor and pleasure of getting a Charleston Summit in with these 2 powerhouse, accomplished, mountaineer, ultra runners Karla Kent and Maia Detmer. The 2nd time in 2 days I was in the company of greatness! I tried to act normal & casual like I wasn’t totally starstruck. I showed them the Ski Lee route to the Charleston peak. It was super beautiful. Wild horses, frozen waterfalls, chilly temperatures & good conversation. Thank you both for an awesome day and a great buddy memory on the summit of my favorite mountain. I got to the to" - paula.raimondi, Oct 16, 2018
"This was an incredible hike in a breathtaking region. I'm from California and I wasn't expecting this level of alpine splendor in Clark County NV. Did the big loop up the South Trail and down the North Trail / Trail Canyon. A light dusting of fresh snow and some brilliant yellow-orange-red aspen trees made this a very memorable outing. " - klotito, Oct 4, 2018
"This was my first time up here since my back injury & the longest hike I've done since then (though far from the hardest). Also my first time up South Loop since the fire. (South Loop is my least favorite trail up that way, even before the fire.) It was absolutely heartbreaking to see all those burned bristlecones. Otherwise, had a great day! I felt pretty strong. Wind was really bad the last half mile up the peak & on summit. I met a really nice guy on the way up & the rest of his funny group on top & we saw the cutest little mouse in the rock shelter. The group was doing shots of whiskey on " - StudioHoodoo, Sep 30, 2018
"Charleston Peak #63. 9.20.18. (And Mt Charleston Peak South)...Happy Birthday Harlan! It was a happy day for me to see you on top of Mt Charleston again via Devils thumb 1 month post brain surgery. You are King of the Mountains. Big mountains! (I did not take Devils Thumb)" - paula.raimondi, Sep 20, 2018



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