8,956 ft / 2,730 m


781 ft / 238 m


83 summits

Top climbing months

June   21%

April   15%

July   12%

Most climbed route

northwest to ACC clubhouse

"we left a bit late (9:15 ish) on a short day (January 21). Encountered post-holing past treeline to the ridge proper. To avoid the hazard of cornices, went down into the bowl instead of sticking to ridge, which was much harder & slower going. Turned around approximately 60 vert and 600 m horiz from the summit as started to worry about making it down in darkness." - apfelstrudel, Jan 21, 2018
"Attempted this one back when I was 13 so I had to cross it off my to do list, started at 7 because of the 30+ degree day prediction in Canmore. Super fun ridge walk with a really cool rock window that you can check out." - snowsurfer, Jul 8, 2017
"Did the Acc route so I could experience the amazing ridge walk twice, saw the rock window and mount Assinaboine, got caught in a T-storm on the way down the mountain, a bit scary, pelted with pea sized hail, soaked to the bone, sliding down mud trails streaming with water, but an awesome hike!" - mountaindad, Jun 8, 2017
"New way up for me. Took the trail up from the Quarry, traversed across and descended via the regular route to the ACC headquarters. Super enjoyable route, the trail up from the Quarry was obvious and there was very little ice on the descent." - joannaford, Mar 26, 2016
"Amazing hike up this mountain. Left at around 7:30am and arrived at the summit around 1pm due to some small breaks and bit of geocaching. Not a cloud in the sky and could see Mount Temple in the distance." - KevinN, Jul 18, 2015



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