2,407 ft / 734 m

#1 in Alabama

#50,372 in United States


1,444 ft / 440 m

#1 in Alabama

#1,569 in United States


77 summits

#1 in Alabama

#431 in United States

Top climbing months

July   15%

January   11%

May   11%

Most climbed route

Drove road, climbed tower


  • Cheaha Mountain is the highest peak in Alabama.
  • At the highest point is Bunker Tower, a stone Civilian Conservation Corps building with an observation deck on top.
  • The CCC also constructed a road to Cheaha, but the road has been closed for years.
  • The old road is locally referred to as the "CC Road" and contains interesting, inaccessible ruins.
  • Near the peak is Bald Rock, which provides an impressive overlook of the surrounding region.
  • The entire area gives an impression of being at a much higher elevation than it actually is, in part because of the relatively low elevation to the west.
1 summit • 1.1 mi • 219 ft gain • 12 min