Idaho peaks

2,740 peaks

Highest peak

Borah Peak

12,662 ft / 3,859 m

Most summited peak

Borah Peak

74 summits

Most prominent peak

Borah Peak

5,982 ft / 1,823 m prom

Idaho summits

635 summits

First Ascent Awards

258 of 2,740 peaks 9%

Top climbing months

August 23%

July 23%

September 16%

Idaho mountains highlights

"Summitted with Corey and Megan. Megan DOES NOT like edges, even though most of the edges around Guffey look relatively climable. I admit I trolled her a bit by walking up to them and looking over. Quite windy and cold despite the clear skies and beating sun. Lots of interesting formations on the way to the summit. Took some extra excursions around the small class 3 areas, which were a bundle of fun. Would recommend to climbers of all levels." - Guffey Butte, robkleffner, Nov 10, 2018
"This is a great hike in either the spring or fall. I would suggest early October since the aspens are a strident yellow & orange right now. The view is great from just about every point on this hike, with a variety of vistas: meadows, nearby granite peaks, faraway Sawtooths that I'm sure few ever see, and one of the best views of Steel Mountain possible. It is a long hike with lots of elevation gain, however, and some loose rock on the trail in various points." - Swanholm Peak, robkleffner, Oct 7, 2018
"Spent 4 hours driving around trying to get to the route I wanted to hike, but all the access roads seem to have been closed around September 15. In general, don't use Google Maps to get to this one, I had to pull out an atlas. The total time to get to the trailhead was 5 hours as it was my first time in the area. Alas, I really didn't want to do the 12-mile Jennie Lake trail. Incredibly I got the first half (6 miles) in an hour and a half, and it was still 2pm at this point. At this point I had little energy after my near jog on the trail, but I still scrambled up the headwall to find that the" - Wolf Mountain, robkleffner, Sep 23, 2018
"Part of a route I am calling 'Over the Mountain', a loop that touches the summit of both Shafer Butte and Doe (Deer?) Point. Very clear day, the smoke is finally blowing out of Idaho for now and all that's left is the usual valley smog. A good, refreshing hike: Tempest trail -> Shafer summit ridge -> short scramble down the cabin traverse -> Cabin traverse -> Basin -> Pioneer lodge via a grossly boring and shadeless uphill swathe that you cannot miss. Significantly clear views of the Trinities, Steel Mountain, and I believe even many of the Sawtooths and possibly Castle Peak." - Shafer Butte, robkleffner, Sep 16, 2018
"Scenic and relaxing birthday jaunt with Mom and Dad. We were targeting Proctor Loop, and I thought I'd tag the summit real quick. In my haste, I forgot to check whether I was heading toward the right hill, and ended up summitting a point with scarcely 30 feet of prominence that continued on to Morgan Ridge! Alas, Proctor Mountain's summit was a bit too far away to try after I realized my mistake. Still too smoky for my taste, but the Pioneer area is great even in the foothills, especially with fall on the way. Finished up the day with some grub at Lefty's and some well-earned crazy chocolate c" - Proctor Mountain, robkleffner, Sep 10, 2018

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