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"I hiked a loop from the point where the PCT crosses FS Road 9070, around to the north and west to the ridge that leads south to Silver Peak. There is still lots of snow and many people were up there skiing in the bowl NNE of Silver Peak. I got onto the NNW ridge and picked my way across dramatic rocks to Silver Peak. Down the south side, I tagged South Silver Peak (just a bump with trees), and then up to Abiel Peak. Going down I went east over to the PCT and then north back to the road. This section of the PCT is not great with deep snow cover, because it's just a notch carved in the 45 d" - markgarrett, Jun 7, 2017
"Even though it was a Friday, I left Seattle at 4:20 AM to ensure I wouldn’t have too much company on the trail. Hiked in along the PCT and found the cairns for the Silver Peak trail very easily at 1.7 miles. It’s pretty mild class 1 other than about 10 ft. of class 2. It was about 3 miles total to the top, which took 1 hr 40 minutes with copious stops for photos. After a break on the top of Silver, I descended to South Silver Peak, which is nothing more than a treed bump in the ridgeline. Continued on to Abiel (class 2), reaching the top at the 3 hr mark and 4.19 miles. From there I back" - TynanRammGranberg, Jun 5, 2015
"Hiked in along the PCT from the fire road, lots of mushy snow made for slow going. Definitely glad we had the GPS! Stunning views of Annette Lake and Humpback Mtn from the top." - North-Bend-Erica, Mar 29, 2015
"Did a loop that included Tinkham and Silver. Cloudy up high, so not much in the way of views. No rain but the bushes were wet. Full TR: http://www.nwhikers.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=8013722" - MangyMarmot, Nov 1, 2014
"After viewing Silver from the summit of Tinkham, had to hit this classic looking peak. From the summit of Tinkham it took me exactly an hour to make it to the top of Silver. The heat really picked up while climbing up through the scree fields; luckily a few clubs of evergreens provide a bit of shade on the ascent. Incredible views from the top of the entire region. Would love to come back and ski this peak in the spring." - scott, Jul 18, 2014



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