Washington peaks

3,118 peaks

Highest peak

Mount Rainier

14,411 ft / 4,392 m

Most summited peak

Mount Rainier

233 summits

Most prominent peak

Mount Rainier

13,212 ft / 4,027 m prom

Washington summits

5,391 summits

First Ascent Awards

889 of 3,118 peaks 28%

Top climbing months

July 19%

August 14%

June 14%

Washington mountains highlights

  • Washington is the epicenter of mountaineering in the lower 48 US states with more technical and glacier ascents than anywhere else outside of Alaska.
  • The rugged, volcanic Cascade Range runs north-south across the state with hundreds of major peaks including Mt. Rainier (Washington's highest peak and the only US 14er outside of Colorado, California, and Alaska), Mt. Adams, Mt. Baker, Mt. Shuksan, Glacier Peak, and Mt. St. Helens of 1980 eruption fame. The Pacific Crest Trail passes 500 miles along the length of the range across Washington on its way to the Canadian border
  • The Olympic Mountains in the Olympic Peninsula of western Washington only rise up shy of 8,000 ft but look much higher because they lie only 12 to 22 miles from the Pacific Ocean. The western slope of the range is the wettest place in the US.
  • Washington has 3 mountain-centric National Parks: Mount Rainier National Park, Olympic National Park, and North Cascades National Park. All 3 lie within a couple hours drive of the Seattle metro area.
  • Get away from the crowds and head to the North Cascades, a particularly rugged and vertical part of the Cascades with a multitude of incredible peaks to climb.
  • Over 4 million acres of mountainous wilderness areas protect vast trail networks leading to a lifetime of peaks to climb. An incredible place to explore.
"A total classic... this trail is an engineering marvel. They really went all out and built the trail into the cliff facing the Gorge for absurd views most of the way up. Caught it in early evening light and the entire Gorge was stunning. Such a short one with an easy, consistent grade; if you're passing through just stop and get up there, not to be missed." - Beacon Rock, scott, Aug 17, 2018
"Finally got a summit for Peak Month. Despite dense wildfire smoke decided to do a quick rhike up this short-but-good objective. Tried not to push it too hard going up because of the smoke but couldn’t stop myself from running down. " - Wind Mountain, scott, Aug 15, 2018
"Up the PCT, down the Commonwealth Trail. Climber's trail was exactly where trip reports had stated: 15 feet beyond the stump just after the upper switchback just below the peak." - Kendall Peak, mathiasricken, Aug 12, 2018
"Started off at 0700, and got to the top in 80 minutes after power hiking. The clouds we're still pretty thick, but well above the summit so made for some nice dark colored photos. Descent took about 55 minutes of good downhill running. Took a alfew minutes to refit at the truck and started back up for a second climb." - Mount Si, CraigArnold2, Aug 11, 2018
"Headed back up after completing one loop already. Traffic started picking up with a lot more groups, but all were friendly and we're polite enough to make room for this power hiker and downhill running guy." - Mount Si, CraigArnold2, Aug 11, 2018

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