Washington peaks

3,156 peaks

Highest peak

Mount Rainier

14,411 ft / 4,392 m

Most summited peak

Mount Rainier

234 summits

Most prominent peak

Mount Rainier

13,212 ft / 4,027 m prom

Washington summits

5,491 summits

First Ascent Awards

893 of 3,156 peaks 28%

Top climbing months

July 18%

August 14%

June 13%

Washington mountains highlights

  • Washington is the epicenter of mountaineering in the lower 48 US states with more technical and glacier ascents than anywhere else outside of Alaska.
  • The rugged, volcanic Cascade Range runs north-south across the state with hundreds of major peaks including Mt. Rainier (Washington's highest peak and the only US 14er outside of Colorado, California, and Alaska), Mt. Adams, Mt. Baker, Mt. Shuksan, Glacier Peak, and Mt. St. Helens of 1980 eruption fame. The Pacific Crest Trail passes 500 miles along the length of the range across Washington on its way to the Canadian border
  • The Olympic Mountains in the Olympic Peninsula of western Washington only rise up shy of 8,000 ft but look much higher because they lie only 12 to 22 miles from the Pacific Ocean. The western slope of the range is the wettest place in the US.
  • Washington has 3 mountain-centric National Parks: Mount Rainier National Park, Olympic National Park, and North Cascades National Park. All 3 lie within a couple hours drive of the Seattle metro area.
  • Get away from the crowds and head to the North Cascades, a particularly rugged and vertical part of the Cascades with a multitude of incredible peaks to climb.
  • Over 4 million acres of mountainous wilderness areas protect vast trail networks leading to a lifetime of peaks to climb. An incredible place to explore.
"From the boys' WTA Trip Report: We are the Mountain Goats and today we headed up to the Snoqualmie Pass area. Our original plan was to try and climb Mount Roosevelt, as we started to head up the Snow Lake trail in cloudy weather. It was pretty easy going up to Snow Lake and got a bit crowded as we descended from the pass towards the lake. The recent snow and slush had frozen over and was pretty slippery. Especially for people with sneakers and no poles. Many people were stopping here as we cruised around the lake on our way towards Gem Lake. On the trail up to Gem Lake we started gett" - Wright Mountain, BryHong8, Oct 7, 2018
"We did the Copper Ridge loop as a day hike. Beautiful October day in the mountains. We ran into a bear with her cub. She stood up on her hind legs, which I've never seen one do in person before. The cub ran off first and then she dropped back on all fours and followed suit. We also got the unique experience of crossing the Chilliwack River in a cable cart." - Copper Mountain Lookout, Al-Rashid, Oct 6, 2018
"Went up from the parking lot way down close to the freeway. Trail was in great shape, especially the new trail up to three balcony, which starts right after the one-lane bridge. Trail past three balcony was a bit rock-covered, but also easy. Not much space at the top." - Dirty Harrys Peak, mathiasricken, Sep 29, 2018
"Trip report from the boys' WTA report Hello, we are the "little" Mountain Goats, Terrence (12) and Nathan (15) and today we climbed Putrid Pete's Peak. We had unfinished business with PPP, since we were turned back below the summit during our winter attempt. The road up to the trailhead is better than it used to be, and it looks like somebody filled in some potholes. We left the car at 8:30. The beginning of the trail is very flat and easy to follow. Once you get to the split, it gets more steep and less maintained the other trail goes to Dirty Harry's Peak. There are lots of slippery ro" - Putrid Pete's Peak (P3), BryHong8, Sep 23, 2018
"Went out to scramble Denman Peak, Lane Peak and Wapaneyo, but had to turn around because of the weather worsening before reaching Wapaneyo. Car-to-car 7 hours. Denman Peak was easy, although I made it harder than I had to. Coming from the Plumber side, I started scrambling up on the east side of the ridge, but on the way down I discovered that the west side had an easy walk-up trail. After Denman, I continued to Lane Peak. The trail was still good and easy to find, albeit quite slippery with mud (there were a few muddy, slippery places before Denman already). I made my way to the plateau imm" - Lane Peak, mathiasricken, Sep 16, 2018

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