381 ft / 116 m


3 summits

Top climbing months

July   50%

May   25%

June   25%

Most climbed route

Path from Mountain St.

Class 1
"Short but fairly steep hike on a warm day that was becoming humid. I parked for free on Mountain St., just west of the Bates College campus. It starts out as grass, then pine needles over dirt, and then a very rocky climb to the top. The rocky section, I found fairly challenging. There is a USGS marker at the summit, as well as a short brick structure. Unfortunately, there were some empty beer cans, broken glass and some graffiti along the way. If the trees were trimmed, there would be views in nearly all directions, but as it is there are some broken good views from the top, particularly of " - Badgerinmaine, Jun 29, 2018


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