5,862 ft / 1,787 m

#2,515 in California

#23,181 in United States


4,427 ft / 1,349 m

#12 in California

#131 in United States


11 summits

#437 in California

#1,919 in United States

Top climbing months

January   18%

March   18%

April   18%

Most climbed route

Santa Lucia Trail

12.8 mi • 3,893 ft gain


  • Junipero Serra Peak (also known by its ancient Native American name Pimlokam) is the highest mountain in the Santa Lucia Mountains.
  • From its broad summit and fire tower partially destroyed in the 2008 fire, panoramic views of the surrounding Ventana Wilderness abound.
  • Cone Peak, the second highest mountain in the area at 5155 ft, lies across the valley to the west.
  • On a clear day the Pacific Ocean is visible beyond Cone Peak and its adjoining ridges.
  • The most popular route to the summit is the Santa Lucia trail, 6.2 miles one way with a 4,000 vertical foot gain. The trail climbs through meadows and switchbacks among chaparral brush before swinging to the east side of the high ridge leading to the peak. Here the vegetation completely changes to stands of tall California Sugar Pine with massive pine cones. The true summit of Pimkolam lies about 300 feet south of the dilapidated fire tower.
8 summits • 12.8 mi • 3,893 ft gain • 6 hr 2 min