California peaks

6,821 peaks

Highest peak

Mount Whitney

14,505 ft / 4,421 m

Most summited peak

Mount Whitney

438 summits

Most prominent peak

Mount Whitney

10,075 ft / 3,070 m prom

California summits

17,825 summits

First Ascent Awards

2513 of 6,821 peaks 36%

Top climbing months

July 12%

August 11%

June 10%

California mountains highlights

  • The Sierra Nevada is the most famous California mountain range, stretching over 400 miles from north to south. In it lies the highest mountain in the lower 48 US States, Mount Whitney at 14,505 ft / 4,421 m.
  • California contains many mountainous National Parks, the most well-known being Yosemite National Park. Others include Lassen Volcanic National Park, Kings Canyon National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, and Death Valley National Park.
  • California boasts 14 peaks over 14,000 ft elevation, concentrated in the Eastern Sierra.
  • The massive Cascade volcano Mount Shasta 14,180 ft dominates the northern California landscape and can be seen from over 100 miles away.

Popular California mountains