California peaks

6,876 peaks

Highest peak

Mount Whitney

14,505 ft / 4,421 m

Most summited peak

Mount San Antonio

462 summits

Most prominent peak

Mount Whitney

10,075 ft / 3,070 m prom

California summits

19,083 summits

First Ascent Awards

2640 of 6,876 peaks 38%

Top climbing months

July 12%

August 10%

June 10%

California mountains highlights

  • The Sierra Nevadas are the most famous California mountain range, stretching over 400 miles from north to south. In it lies the highest mountain in the lower 48 US States, Mount Whitney at 14,505 ft / 4,421 m.
  • California contains many mountainous National Parks, the most well-known being Yosemite National Park. The other national parks include Pinnacles, Lassen Volcanic, Kings Canyon, Joshua Tree, Redwood, Channel Islands, and Death Valley.
  • California boasts 14 peaks over 14,000 ft elevation, concentrated in the Eastern Sierras.
  • The massive Cascade volcano Mount Shasta 14,180 ft dominates the northern California landscape and can be seen from over 100 miles away.
"After years of coming to the Tahoe area we finally made it to the old fire lookout site. Nice after breakfast stroll up a paved road. Additional paved loop trail on top with historical info plaques, benches and picnic tables. Minimal views today do to haze and smoke from a fire down in the Yosemite area. Found a marker imbedded in a rock just off the summit area. Worth a trip when staying in the north Tahoe area." - Stateline Lookout, Nimblefoot, Jul 20, 2018
"Hiked up on the Mt Lola Trail. Today was really hot around 90 degrees. As I started out I thought to myself many times to turn around and do this on a cooler day but I don't give up easily. I'm glad I brought my water filter with because the 3 liters of water I brought with weren't enough, I had to filter an additional 2 liters. Along with the blazing heat the horse flies were horrendous and they were immune to my bug spray. There was only one small patch of snow I had to go around on the way up. A couple of minutes after getting to the summit I met a couple that were hiking up from Whit" - Mount Lola, Sledhead29, Jul 18, 2018
"This was a couple of exciting days in the Whitney area. Camping at the Portal walk-in the night before, I met my first bear when he climbed onto the picnic table I was cooking my couscous on. We came to the arrangement that he should not take my food and should stop sniffing around in my tent while for my part I'd agreed to remain somewhat composed and not run for my life. Getting up the trail the next day and going full view of our route up the mountain, like a cut scene from a video game, we were presented the show of a terrible rockslide down the mountain. Despite this ominous display w" - Lone Pine Peak, JustinB, Jul 17, 2018
"Fun trail with tiny bits of scrambling, nothing major. There is A LOT of poison oak. On the way up, if you stay on the main trail, you're fine. When you get to the top, past the "end of the trail bench", it's Tecnu time! It's literally all over the place. Definitely wear long pants/sleeves. Otherwise, views are incredible. It is a bit of a scramble at the top. The trail is not that clear in some places. Actually best to stay on top of the rocks as much as possible." - Bishop Peak, colleenmarie512, Jul 16, 2018
"Before heading up to Tahoe City for a family gathering we hiked up Waterhouse to kill some time. Nice easy open whack compared to what we do on the east coast. Surprised to have tree cover so high up but the views were spectacular as we had read on reports. " - Waterhouse Peak, Nimblefoot, Jul 15, 2018

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