5,522 ft / 1,683 m


12 summits

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June   25%

September  16%

November   16%

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Edelweiss bowl

"I did a solo hike up to the top of Denny Mountain, which doubles as the Alpental Ski Area. I following the Armstrong Express chairlift line and the Edelweiss Bowl ski slope. The Bowl is a big bowl of big talus, and going up the hill on the right (at about 4800 ft) was a much more pleasant route on easy, open bedrock. The summit block can be ascended easily by circling around to the left. Before getting to the easy route up, I ran into a chimney where some ropes were left, and I went up that way. Not bad. The views in all directions are just fabulous. Continuing northwest along the ridge" - markgarrett, Sep 14, 2016



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