4,314 ft / 1,314 m


1,984 ft / 604 m




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Top climbing months

April   26%

May   15%

July   10%

Most climbed route

Nowy Targ Kowaniec- Turbacz

"Together with 4 of my friends did a 30km walk around Gorce. We started in Rzeki and we took blue trail south to Gorc peak. Next we turned west to Turbacz peak following green trail. Walking back to car we decided to take the yellow trail that leads through Kudłoń and Gorc Troszacki. The whole trip took us almost 10 hours." - szymonkodrebski, Apr 14, 2018
"I started at 5:00 AM from the Obidowa village. I took a green trail in the north direction and then followed the red trail in the east direction. Whole climb took me 2 hours and 37 minutes up and 1 hour 45 minutes down. After 9 kilometers I reached the Turbacz top." - szymonkodrebski, Mar 5, 2017



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