Małopolskie peaks

1,672 peaks

Highest peak

Rysy - North Peak

8,198 ft / 2,499 m

Most summited peak

Trzy Korony

54 summits

Most prominent peak

Babia Góra

3,527 ft / 1,075 m prom

Małopolskie summits

1,236 summits

First Ascent Awards

344 of 1,672 peaks 20%

Top climbing months

August 17%

July 14%

May 10%

Małopolskie mountains highlights

"Quick morning hike to the highest point of the Pieniny National Park. Quite a lot of snow but the trail was good. Beautifull views from the top. The forecasts for the next 2 days are bad though. Very strong foehn wind (up to 284 km/h in Tatras, 150 km/h in Pieniny) so it will probably melt most of the snow." - Trzy Korony, JakubW, Dec 10, 2017
"From Prz. nad Łapszanką. I was dropped off at the col by the shrine. A short descent on the lane brought me into the hamlet of Wyżni Koniec. From there I followed the yellow trail up north-east on a track through pastures around the west flank of Hołowiec 1035m. Where the trail began to descend into the next valley I left it to follow another track north-west over Pt. 1026m. At the highest point on the track I took a faint path west through pastures and into the forest. A short bush-wack north brought me into a grassy clearing. An earthen mound covered in wild raspberry plants constituted " - Dudasowski Wierch, marktrengove, Aug 9, 2017
"From our self-catering accommodation in Zakopane, we took the road up to the National Park entrance to Strążyska Dolina, then the Droga pod Regłami trail west to the entrance to Dolina Małe Łąki. Next we took the yellow trail up the valley as far as Wielka Polana. Diverting east onto the black trail, we ascended to Prz. w Grzybowcu, where my family left to continue without me. A faint zig-zag path through the forest brought me out onto the summit above small limestone crags. Good views west and south, though trees obscured to the north and east. I returned to the col, joining the crowds desce" - Łysanki, marktrengove, Aug 8, 2017
"Part of a day-long hike. After summiting Polica we came back to Cyl Hali Śmietanowej but instead of coming back to Krowiarki we took orange/yellow trail to Mosorny Groń and carried on hiking down to Zawoja. From there black trail to PTTK Markowe Szczawiny. Long and tiring day, what an experience though! " - Mosorny Groń, jackhnatejko, Jun 6, 2017
"Initially I wanted to visit Sokolica and hike along Sokola Perć (Falcon's Path), but then after gaining some hight I've saw snow-covered Babia Góra in a distance. Which highlighted good visability (Babia is around 65 km in a straight line from where I was then). So I decided that Trzy Korony would be a better place to visit since they offer much wider views. After reaching top of the mountain I was not dissapointed. The views were great, marvelous visability. All of it accompanied by a truly spring temperatures. " - Trzy Korony, JakubW, Mar 28, 2017

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