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1,280 ft / 390 m


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  • Street Mountain is one of the ADK 46ers within the High Peaks of New York's Adirondack Park.
  • Highest peak in the Street Range of the Adirondack Mountains.
  • Street's northeast ridge is Nye Mountain, a sub-4000 foot peak that is included in the ADK 46ers for historical reasons.
  • Though many climbers complain that Street is viewless, there is a fine view from a ledge a little beyond the summit sign. Street's companion, Nye Mt., lacks views however. Albert B. Street, for whom the mountain is named, was New York State librarian for many years.
"Beautiful fall colors at the start and the beginnings of a snowstorm once I hit Street's summit. Perfect day, interesting hike, not a huge incline compared to other Adirondack peaks, but some of the most challenging terrain--I literally crossed a river! " - ionahraqs, Oct 16, 2018
"Hiked with Kim and her cousin Nick. Felt good to be back up in the Adirondacks after an extended layoff. I've been pretty lazy since completing the Northeast 115. Hiked street and nye in -15F temperatures even though it didn't feel that cold. The trails were really well packed down, so we ended up ditching our snowshoes after the second Indian Pass Brook crossing and picked them up on the way out. We didn't even wear microspikes at all during the day, the trails were packed that well and not icy. Overall, it was a pretty good day. " - LGH-Tom, Dec 30, 2017
"Hiked with Tom and my cousin Nick. It was a bitterly cold day in the Adirondacks, but in the end I was glad I decided to go up and hike. We had a good time and were happy that the trail was well packed down from previous traffic. We were able to bare boot the entire day. We saw about 16 other people out on the trails despite the cold weather. Two more peaks down towards my ADK 46ers. " - Kim-Stilson, Dec 30, 2017
"We've been at camp all week and dad had said previously that he wants to climb again too so I decided to take him along for Street & Nye while we're already halfway there! We left camp at approximately 0630 hours for our almost 3 hour drive to Lake Placid and The Loj. This hike I brought Bruiser along also. It was time to see how he did on a mountain, being a mountain dog and all. We've hiked many a mile so I figured he would be good. We got to the Loj a little after 0900 and I was pleasantly surprised to find the parking lot was not full up yet. So we set off around Heart Lake to the Old Nye" - tscha1, Jul 28, 2017
"Solo. From the ADK Loj. Followed by Nye. It was torrentially downpouring when I pulled into the parking lot, & I spent more time than I would like to admit sitting in my car wishing it would stop. Finally just bucked up & got on my way. The main water crossing was extremely easy to navigate considering all of the rainfall, not that it mattered since my feet were already wet by the time I got there. The trail was easy to follow despite the fact it is technically "trail-less" - no maintenance just meant a ton of severely rutted trails, multiple trails, mud pits, and widened trails due to people " - kellieirene, Aug 31, 2016



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