New York peaks

3,593 peaks

Highest peak

Mount Marcy

5,344 ft / 1,628 m

Most summited peak

Mount Marcy

281 summits

Most prominent peak

Mount Marcy

4,914 ft / 1,497 m prom

New York summits

14,364 summits

First Ascent Awards

800 of 3,593 peaks 22%

Top climbing months

August 12%

July 11%

June 11%

New York mountains highlights

"Steve, Ed and I spent the day playing in some deep snow on and off trail. After a challenging ascent of Fir we pushed on into the deep fluff working our way toward Big Indian. I smartly choose the initial downward leg to break through then let the other two swap out on the ascent, often flattish, until it was my time again for the steep up to the canister. About 5 and a 1/2 hours of work now we are ready to head back via the trail and enjoy some easier ‘shoeing. Uh oh the herd path isn’t broke out so we just wing it and angle down until we see the blue markers of the trail. Now we are pushing " - Big Indian Mountain, Nimblefoot, Mar 15, 2018
"Steve, Ed and I spent the day playing in some deep snow on trail and off. First we had re-break the trail in from the Bisquit Brook PA to the usual jump off point, after the leanto, for Fir. Then we began to follow an old track meandering in an odd direction that eventually got over to the usual route. It saved us some energy we for deeper snow we would find later. Swapping leads on the track until we lost it do to wind blown snow at which point Steve wandered up to the summit area pushing through the deeper fluff. We walked right by the canister fortunately Ed saw it before we got too far awa" - Fir Mountain, Nimblefoot, Mar 15, 2018
"Tom, Steve, Tim and I joined Elizabeth for the final peak of her Catskills W35. I re-broke the Seager trail out to the black bear then Tom started off on the whack up toward the canister. Elizabeth was up next on the trail breaking rotation and put in the longest shift. She eventually relinquished the lead so I broke up the final steep ascent then handed off to Steve once the slope eased up. Back to Elizabeth to find the canister in time for lunch then head down after our sign-ins. Once back to Seager we relocated our cars to Oakley’s for pizza and beer to celebrate Elizabeth’s finish. Definit" - Doubletop Mountain, Nimblefoot, Mar 14, 2018
"A nice pleasant hike up and over Giant Ledge and on to Panther via a firm packed track speckled with the occasional gopher hole left by a bare-booter. On my way back wandered across the high points of Giant Ledge." - Panther Mountain, Nimblefoot, Mar 12, 2018
"A nice pleasant hike out to Panther mountain traversing Giant Ledge on the way. The snow from recent storms was firm packed by snowshoers with the occasional gopher hole provided by a bare booter. On my way back I went off trail and wandered across the various high points." - Giant Ledge, Nimblefoot, Mar 12, 2018

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