New York peaks

3,593 peaks

Highest peak

Mount Marcy

5,344 ft / 1,628 m

Most summited peak

Mount Marcy

281 summits

Most prominent peak

Mount Marcy

4,914 ft / 1,497 m prom

New York summits

14,233 summits

First Ascent Awards

800 of 3,593 peaks 22%

Top climbing months

August 12%

July 11%

June 11%

New York mountains highlights

"Spring has sprung in the middle of winter. Temperatures climbing through the 40’s though the gusty wind provides a bit of coolness. Taking a break from the Catskills and hiking locally for a change in scenery. My main objective was Scofield Ridge but since the north summit bump was on my way I bopped for the view northward." - Scofield Ridge North, Nimblefoot, Feb 19, 2018
"Taking a break from the Catskills and hiking locally on a warm almost spring-like day. Out to snag Scofield Ridge for the local peak challenge then I saw South Beacon with its fire tower just begging to be visited. I was surprised to see few other hikers on the summit considering it was a holiday and nice weather temperature-wise. Breezy when I got to the tower so I didn’t climb it and took in the views from the base instead." - South Beacon Mountain, Nimblefoot, Feb 19, 2018
"Taking a break from hiking the Catskill to roam around in the Hudson Highlands. My main objective is Scofield Ridge to seek closure in the second round of the Hudson Highlands peak challenge. First I did the north peak of the ridge then decided to do an easy bushiewhackie as a short cut over to the ridge high points. Once on top I see the tower on South Beacon and it starts going psst come over here. After a quick lunch I head over." - Scofield Ridge, Nimblefoot, Feb 19, 2018
"Out tagging Scofield Ridge and Scofield Ridge North then added South Beacon with a short easy whack from the Wilkinson trail. On my way down to the car I whacked over to North Beacon to get the view from the DAR monument." - North Beacon Mountain, Nimblefoot, Feb 19, 2018
"After visiting the canister on Fir mountain I headed back on Rt 47 to the hairpin curve and parking lot for Panther. Ironically the same hiker I saw on Fir is in the lot and prepping to do Panther also. The snowshoes stayed in the car on this hike as it’s just microspikes the whole way. Quick stop at the summit, views obscured by the clouds, then hustle back to the car on the icy/crusty sidewalk of a trail." - Panther Mountain, Nimblefoot, Feb 14, 2018

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