New York peaks

3,600 peaks

Highest peak

Mount Marcy

5,344 ft / 1,628 m

Most summited peak

Mount Marcy

303 summits

Most prominent peak

Brewster Mountain

5,242 ft / 1,598 m prom

New York summits

17,094 summits

First Ascent Awards

860 of 3,600 peaks 23%

Top climbing months

June 12%

July 12%

August 11%

New York mountains highlights

"Second climb of the day,, Took the short route to the summit .4 mile so upwards it was with some sketchy icy rock scrambling, but nothing i couldnt handle,, spikes near the summit and a great bum slide on the way down,, Awesome day with full sun no clouds but frigid temps -17c" - Cobble Hill, ramjet1963, Jan 13, 2019
"Was one of the shortest hikes i can ever say i was on but a good filler concidering it was my third climb of the day and a fire tower bonus, great weather but cold -17c but dressed perfectly No spikes,snowshoes or poles needed. Awesome day on the trails" - Belfry Mountain, ramjet1963, Jan 13, 2019
"I summitted the Blackheads from Barnum road on a clear and chilly day. The summits were a winter wonderland and everything was quite peaceful and beautiful. Only passed a few folks, the exception being a slow moving AMC group; which bordered on the maximum group size. As also a great day to be in the woods." - Blackhead, Right-On, Jan 12, 2019
"Nine of us met at the Rusk/Hunter PA for a loop of the two Hunters. A brisk start of 12* but the sunny blue sky and the climb of SWH warmed us up. We enjoyed a pleasant lunch at the picnic tables at the summit basking in the sunshine. Only one of our party was willing to ascend to the cab of the tower to get the view following the example set by a couple who reached the summit just before us. An easy stroll down to our cars not seeing another hiker except the couple reaching the top as we started our descent, kind odd for a weekend day with nice weather. Rehydration break at the West Kill brew" - Hunter Mountain, Nimblefoot, Jan 12, 2019
"Nine of us met at the left hand PA on Spruceton road, for Rusk/Hunter, to do a loop of SWH and Hunter. A road walk to start then up to the falls where we put on our spikes before jumping onto the Devils Path. A brisk AM ( 12* ) but the blue sky, sunshine and the climb warmed us up nicely with a few stops for costume changes. We set first tracks for the day along the railbed and up the HP in a couple inches of fluff. Only met one other hiker, at the railbed/HP junction, so far on such a nice day." - Southwest Hunter Mountain, Nimblefoot, Jan 12, 2019

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