New York peaks

3,597 peaks

Highest peak

Mount Marcy

5,344 ft / 1,628 m

Most summited peak

Mount Marcy

292 summits

Most prominent peak

Mount Marcy

4,914 ft / 1,497 m prom

New York summits

15,854 summits

First Ascent Awards

838 of 3,597 peaks 23%

Top climbing months

June 12%

August 12%

July 12%

New York mountains highlights

"Beautiful cool clear day for a hike. The first mile is a walk in the park...the scramble to the top is steep! Shocked to see the fire tower as we were still in the woods. Plan for a long slow hike. Well worth it for the views from the fire tower." - Mount Adams, pawsalot, Sep 19, 2018
"Out visiting the summits of two peaks in the Hudson Highlands, Breakneck Ridge and Sugarloaf mountain. Warm quiet day as I didn’t see a sole until I got back to my car. Bushwhacked off of Breakneck Ridge down into the valley to pickup the Wilkinson trail." - Sugarloaf Mountain, Nimblefoot, Sep 17, 2018
"4th time up this peak Today. We took our good friend Roger for his first summit, and to kick start his Saranac 6 challenge. It was also his 6th Fire Tower. For my Son Shane and I, it completed the "Season Grid"." - Saint Regis Mountain, UK-Ranger, Sep 15, 2018
"This was a tough one! Not too steep just a couple of extremely steep sections, we followed the ridge North for almost a 4 mile bush-wack to the summit, as instructed we stood on the east side of the ridge because it was more open with hardwood trees. Well I guess maybe in late fall or Winter that would have mattered but in the summer we were tearing through small pines and over blow-down all the way up and down. No real signs of any herd paths we just were winging it. Made summit in about 5 hours and the trip down was no better, took us 9 and 1/2 hours round trip, as expected no real views fro" - Hoffman Mountain, hbotc, Sep 15, 2018
"I’ve learned that my hike out to Jay Mountain today actually denotes 4 separate pages / peaks on here. I’m not writing a separate report for 4 separate things, so see my full trip report on Jay Mountain (proper). I’ll call this: Bump 3. " - Jay Mountain Central Peak, kellieirene, Sep 8, 2018

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