5,339 ft / 1,627 m


4 summits

Top climbing months

June   50%

April   25%

August   25%

Most climbed route

Quartz Creek Road

"I took advantage of a good weather forecast to do a quick after work trip to Rooster Mountain. The trip started with the usual middle fork pothole slalom. The first half mile or so follows the Taylor River. Then, you turn left up the Quartz Creek Road. This road is in fairly good shape. There are a number of blow-downs, but no washouts or any serious damage to the road. After a couple of miles you come to a fork. The lower (left) fork continues up Quartz Creek to Lake Blethen. The upper (right) fork switchbacks up Rooster Mountain. This road is now just a trail. Much to my surprise, this t" - MangyMarmot, Jun 19, 2012



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