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McClellan Butte Trail

"Rainy day hike with my friend Jessie to McClellan Butte, McClellan Butte South Peak, Point 4787', Chester Peak and the bump between Chester Peak and Point 4787'. The wind was really whipping at the summit of McClellan and then snow started coming down practically sideways for my scramble back down to the trail just to keep it interesting. We had hoped to drop down the ridge from the unnamed bump to Truck Summit and then make our way down to the Hall Creek Trail for a Point A to Point B hike, but the ridge was extremely choked with immature trees that would have made for some really slow goin" - Al-Rashid, Oct 29, 2016
"Gorgeous last day of spring. My buddy Paul and I arrived at the trailhead happy to see that although the trail was closed tomorrow to clear some blowdown, it was open today and that's all that mattered to us! One large tree in particular fell directly along the trail for a stretch of 30 feet or so, but that should be gone by the time anyone is reading this. Most of the trail is snow free. There was some patchy snow near the top with good steps kicked in. Trekking poles were helpful, but no traction devices or axe necessary. The snow bridge in the first gully has collapsed but you can" - Al-Rashid, Jun 19, 2016
"Cool climb of McClellan with the boys and Nick and Mike. Scrambled to the top, and spent an hour teaching the boys ice axe self arrest. Snow gulleys with lots of water running underneath still..." - BryHong8, May 30, 2016
"Drove our car up the FSR to cut the hike short to 8.5 miles. Ran into snow pretty quickly, but it wasn't too bad for most of the trail - didn't really need gaiters. Didn't do the last scramble to the top as it was too sketchy in the snow - a fall in any direction would have meant certain death! " - North-Bend-Erica, Apr 12, 2015
" The first half of the trail up is in good shape and is easy to follow. The avalanche chutes still have some snow in them but are easy to pass thru. I made it to the ridge, where the trail takes a hard right turn back towards the top, without much difficulty. Once you reach the ridge... I went straight up the ridge for a 75 yards or so and then dropped down 100 to 200 feet (varied at times) onto the west slope and into the snow. From here to the top I never really found the trail again. There is alot of firm snow. Needless to say ... route finding becomes difficult. " - JakeRC, Jun 16, 2013



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