3,983 ft / 1,214 m


850 ft / 259 m


15 summits

Top climbing months

November   21%

July   15%

April   10%

Most climbed route

From Wallface Ponds

"Yesterday we enjoyed a great day in the woods exploring MacNaughton via Indian Pass and Wallface Ponds. With our side treks to explore Rocky Falls, Scott Pond and the southeastern summit of MacNaughton we hiked ~ 17.6 miles with ~2200' of gain for the day. The trail to Wallface Ponds (~6.8 miles from the Loj) is well marked and relatively easy, it is also incredibly beautiful with many areas to explore along the way. The last 1.5 miles from Wallface Ponds to MacNaughton's summit is a bushwhack - that's where the tough part began :)" - deb-and-rob, Jun 4, 2016
"Tough long day. Deep snow from after the old Scott Pond damn all the way to Wallface ponds on and off. (Unexpected).High water crossings (Expected). Lots of mud (Expected). Bushwhack from Wallface to the summit didn't have any snow and was actually one of the easier parts of the trip. 3983' or 4000' doesn't matter I can now say I hiked it. I have a feeling this peak will be easier next winter than the conditions I faced today." - LGH-Tom, May 14, 2015
"This one caused my a few headaches to say the least. Took either three or four attempts before I finally tagged the summit. Completed after I was already an \official\" 46R."" - catamount, Aug 31, 1996
"Up to the High Peaks to help two friends finish their regular 46 on Allen yesterday. So today we aimed to bag McN for their 47th peak to make them real 46ers. Took trail out toward Duck Hole and whacked up a dry streambed to hit a ridge off the summit. Found the herdpath and took it to the canister." - Nimblefoot, Aug 18, 1996
"Two days before I became a Forty Sixer. I wanted to climb ALL the 4000 footers in the ADK's. Lovely herdpath following stream with pretty cascades. Rain on the way out. Husband was soaked and had not brought change of clothes, so we ran engine to warm him up and dry him out. Map disintegrated from the torrential rain." - barbaratraver, Jul 26, 1986


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