6,558 ft / 1,999 m


618 ft / 188 m


1 summit

Top climbing months

May   100%

Most climbed route

Kitching Creek Trail

"I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to climb this mountain. About 5 years after I climbed it, the Morongo Reservation built an entrance gate at Field's Rd, next to Interstate 10, and blocked access to outsiders onto the reservation. After the first visit, I was hoping to return again someday. Unfortunately it isn't happening (unless I get special permission from the tribe). I was there on a Sunday and had the whole mountain to myself. The Kitching Creek Trail climbed about 3000 feet and was about 8 miles round trip. The views from the summit are also a big payoff. Hopefully trail access " - Peak-Conquistador, May 21, 2000


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