9,980 ft / 3,042 m


198 ft / 60 m


11 summits

Top climbing months

August   63%

February   18%

March   9%

Most climbed route

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"I drove 440 miles from home to visit Ed & Linda and run the 15 mile Jupiter Steeple Chase in Park City UT. We bagged Jupiter Peak and Scott's Peak after a 3,200' climb in 8 miles up. Got up Jupiter and Scott's in 2:03 then 2:17...15 in 3:43 hrs Prettiest trails I've ever run on." - paula.raimondi, Aug 1, 2015
"This is Jupiter Peak, or "The Peak", I've summited numerous tims in all seasons. Winter is nice as you can take Jupiter, Pioneer, or McConkeys lifts to get you most of the way there. In summer you can take Payday or Town lifts from PCMR to give you a head start up to about 8,000ft." - mkisow, Mar 6, 2011


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