Utah peaks

2,711 peaks

Highest peak

Kings Peak

13,534 ft / 4,125 m

Most summited peak

Angels Landing

175 summits

Most prominent peak

Kings Peak

6,348 ft / 1,934 m prom

Utah summits

2,955 summits

First Ascent Awards

550 of 2,711 peaks 20%

Top climbing months

July 18%

August 16%

September 13%

Utah mountains highlights

"I feel like it's cheating, as my Jeep did all of the work - but my partner and I "summitted" Brian Head peak. We were out leaf peeping and drove up the mountain, because me on a gravel road is like a cat with catnip. Windy and chilly, but oh, the views...! I had never even been to Brian Head before (not much of a skiier) - it was so beautiful I would love to come back and spend more time in the area. " - Brian Head, psychikingjes, Sep 23, 2018
"Camped at the trailhead. I had made it most of the way before, but my back was still in a lot of pain at that time, so didn't do the last, steepest part to the summit. I really wanted to finish that last bit. There is a very good use path all the way up. The wind was ferocious, pushing me around. I wasn't quite used to the cold either! So happy to have made this one." - Mount Belknap, StudioHoodoo, Sep 18, 2018
"Drove here from Grand Junction, after visiting my family for a week. Wanted to do something relatively short, since I got there late. This was a delightful hike with great views. " - Gold Mountain, StudioHoodoo, Sep 17, 2018
"This was a long, tough day. I went up starting on an ATV trail not far from Stanton Pass. I made fast time almost 1500 feet up the trail. Eventually, it disappears & I dropped into Cass Creek, which was dry this time of year. The higher I got, the more brushy it became & there were lots of down trees. I made it to the saddle below Cass Creek Peak & was faced with two ridge options. Unfortunately, I chose the one directly off the saddle (to the left). It was a steep, loose talus nightmare that seemed to never end. The rock was very unstable. Finally, I crested the ridge & it became easier. I ma" - Mount Hillers, StudioHoodoo, Sep 9, 2018
"It was a 3 day pack trip to King's. Plenty of time to explore and enjoy the area. Set up Base Camp at Dollar Lake. Weather was touch and go, had to take cover a couple of time, but got the Peak to ourselves. This was a great trip." - Kings Peak, CacheMACS, Sep 8, 2018

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