Utah peaks

2,709 peaks

Highest peak

Kings Peak

13,534 ft / 4,125 m

Most summited peak

Angels Landing

167 summits

Most prominent peak

Kings Peak

6,348 ft / 1,934 m prom

Utah summits

2,906 summits

First Ascent Awards

546 of 2,709 peaks 20%

Top climbing months

July 18%

August 16%

September 12%

Utah mountains highlights

"A beautiful climb out of Loop Campground. We went up the south trail, dodged a thunderstorm on the summit ridge, and descended the north trail. Tons and tons of wildflowers and views for days from the summit. Utah is great." - Deseret Peak, edg, Jul 3, 2018
"A long hike from/to our camp at Elkhorn Crossing out of Henry's Fork TH. We went up Gunsight, descended into Painter Basin, reclimbed up to Anderson Pass, then finally ascended the north ridge which was full of loose talus. Took the shortcut between Anderson Pass and Gunsight Pass on the way back which is a much better option than dropping all the way into the basin. Saw some mountain goats just below Gunsight Pass. This is one of my favorite hikes to date. " - Kings Peak, edg, Jul 1, 2018
"Took an early Memorial Day morning hike up Grandeur Peak. Cloud cover throughout the hike, though it never got overly muggy. Views from the summit were limited because of cloud cover, but when there were periodic breaks it made the views epic. A lot of people on the trail, particularly when I was heading down (around 9:00 AM)." - Grandeur Peak, JimmyUtah, May 28, 2018
"Was in Zion for a week for some Canyoneering and grabbed this peak with my friends on our last day. We originally wanted to do this one during the week, but rain forced us to postpone until Sunday. We got an early start on Sunday, but missed the first Zion shuttle and had to deal with a large crowd on the class 3 section of the fin to the summit. Frankly there were to many people and that made it dangerous. The park service should permit this peak to prevent overcrowding. Saw several people shouting at each other as they passed in opposite directions at the same time. One person shoved " - Angels Landing, Zardoz, May 6, 2018
"First summit of 2018, and a return to a familiar spot I haven't climbed in years. Saussie and I hit the trail a little after 7:00 AM. Perfect day for the hike, with the sun topping out over the ridge after we had crossed the creek and headed into the trees. Usual slog from creek to the base of the peak, and I was surprised at how little snow there was on the trail. Not too busy on top. Returned to the car a little after 1:00 PM feeling about as old as I ever have coming off a mountain. Back and hip were killing me and knees felt like jelly. Striking it up to the fact that it was a challenging " - Mount Olympus, JimmyUtah, Apr 28, 2018

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