Utah peaks

2,711 peaks

Highest peak

Kings Peak

13,534 ft / 4,125 m

Most summited peak

Angels Landing

181 summits

Most prominent peak

Kings Peak

6,348 ft / 1,934 m prom

Utah summits

2,998 summits

First Ascent Awards

556 of 2,711 peaks 20%

Top climbing months

July 18%

August 16%

September 13%

Utah mountains highlights

"My second Trip out to Angel's Landing. I enjoyed it so much the first time, I had to share the experience with my daughter. I enjoy coming in the Fall because of the Temp. and the crowds. We had an incredible hike up to the top this morning." - Angels Landing, CacheMACS, Oct 20, 2018
"I have been up here several times, but the last time I know for sure was the last day of the Summer run this year. The past 4 years I have made it a point to hike on the first day and the last day of Snowbasin Summer runs. I love this mountain and work up here part time so I can enjoy it year around. I took the route from Needles Gondola across to Mt. Ogden and over to Mt. Allen. I believe Mt Allen is one of the most scenic places on the Mountain. " - Allen Peak, CacheMACS, Oct 7, 2018
"Hiked from Ophir Canyon trailhead and approached Lowe Peak from the West and then followed the ridge line north to Rocky Peak and then followed the horses trail back down Ophir Canyon." - Lowe Peak, mark.r.johnston, Oct 6, 2018
"Took Forsyth trail from Pine Valley. Beautiful trail through the pines and aspens. This trail is probably 90% in the shade. We also bagged Burger Peak on the way down. It was really long considering this was only my second hike of the season." - Signal Peak, Hilljr, Sep 28, 2018
"I feel like it's cheating, as my Jeep did all of the work - but my partner and I "summitted" Brian Head peak. We were out leaf peeping and drove up the mountain, because me on a gravel road is like a cat with catnip. Windy and chilly, but oh, the views...! I had never even been to Brian Head before (not much of a skiier) - it was so beautiful I would love to come back and spend more time in the area. " - Brian Head, psychikingjes, Sep 23, 2018

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