6,519 ft / 1,987 m


350 ft / 107 m


13 summits

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July   30%

June   23%

May   15%

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Iron Peak Trail #1399

"First off, a big shout out to the Forest Service, WSDOT, or whoever paved the Teanaway Road and then did a wonderful job on Road 9737 which is unpaved, but was regraded and is wonderful to drive on. Driving up to the trailhead was a breeze, and very picturesque. We decided to try this trail today, in hopes that by heading far enough east we would hopefully outrun the rain that was coming down heavily in Seattle, and well past Snoqualmie Pass. Indeed, luck was on our side, and today's weather provided pluses and minuses on this hike. The pluses: -Apparently the Iron Peak trail is very popul" - BryHong8, Jul 25, 2015
"It was my first hike since my injury. Snow on trail the entire way. Micro-spikes and trekking poles were used. Quite an accomplishment, but I think I might have overdone it. Will be off the trail for a while again. " - aimk13, Oct 28, 2012



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