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118 ft / 36 m


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  • Gray Peak is one of the longer day hikes of the Adirondack Forty Six peaks, regardless of which route is taken.
"I had never planned to finish on Gray, not even when I started the day. The plan was to finish on Marcy, but I read the map wrong and took it as a sign that I should continue on the path and hit Marcy first, Skylight second, and finally my 46er finish on Gray. I couldn't have asked for a better day. It will be one I always remember and hold dear." - Right-On, Oct 27, 2017
"#44, with Caet Cash. I waited for over a month for a weather window during one of my days off, and when I finally saw one for this day, I jumped on it, despite predictions of well-below-zero temperatures. We started out from Upper Works, at about a 0645. We made good time out to Flowed Lands, and scurried along to Calamity Brook, where we saw a few other hikers, all of whom were headed up Marshall for the day. A pair of them warned us they had failed to get Gray the previous day. With that in mind, we kept our faces covered and continued on to Uphill Leanto, and then toward the 4 corners. The " - kellieirene, Mar 5, 2017
"Unbelievable hike, my third time was a charm! This was my wife 1st time, we went up the Phelps trail, a moderate hike all the way. It was cool and partly cloudy skies but the clouds were high and the views were plenty. When we summit Marcy we figured we were feeling good so we decided to do Skylight and Gray. Skylight was another Gem and really not much effort coming from 4 Corners. Gray was actually the toughest of the three because it was steeper and more rugged terrain plus we were already 10 miles and two mountains in. But all three were worth every step, we then went out via the directio" - hbotc, Jul 30, 2016
"Enjoyed another great hike of Gray, Skylight and Marcy. We stated at the Loj under the moonlight and made our way to the base of Gray in just a few hours. From here the quick 600' climb to Gray was 40 minutes round trip followed by the beautiful hike up Skylight. The back of Marcy was very icy which made it little slower but that gave the sun time to come out and the rest of the day was a warm winter hike under bright skies. Back at the car at 3:30 - what a great day!" - deb-and-rob, Feb 27, 2016
"First peak of the day. Turned into a 20 mile hike. The cloud cover interfered with the views but could see Marcy and Skylight from there. Really good views despite the clouds. The herd path up was quite rugged. The trail through the Lake Arnold area was tricky. Lots of bog bridges in various conditions. I wondered if I would be in the water rather then on top of it. " - newenglandwarrior, Jul 22, 2015



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