9,974 ft / 3,040 m


1,554 ft / 474 m


19 summits

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July   25%

June   20%

October   20%

Most climbed route

Dicks Pass

"Backpacked in to Gilmore Lake from Glen Alpine. Took trail to Dicks Pass then scrambled up the north face on some very steep and loose scree. After summiting I took the saddle over to Jacks Peak, then down to Half Moon Lake, back up to Gilmore to pack up, then back down to Glen Alpine. Very long day!" - Sledhead29, Sep 20, 2018
"We did Dicks as day hike on a beautiful day. Witnessed a small smoldering forest fire, checked it out and tried to call it in but poor cell service. Two women planning on heading out were going to call it in once out to the TH. On our return a helicopter was still dumping water on the area. Tagged Peak 9579 on the out." - Nimblefoot, Jul 20, 2016



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