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Cuyamaca Peak Fire Road

"Quick hike up the fire road with maybe an hour to summit. Good visibility, could just barely make out Cabrillo. Sunshine with a few high elevation clouds, calm winds and temps around 70. We hung out at the top and just enjoyed the view for about an hour. Came down on the trails rather than the road." - jakeshurer, Jan 1, 2018
"I needed to escape from Santa Barbara and the Thomas Fire so I headed down to SD county for some hiking. I haven't done much hiking this far south, so I started my trip in the Cuyamaca Rancho SP to hike Stonewall, Middle, and Cuyamaca in a big loop from the campground. From Middle Peak, I took the loop trail to the Azalea Springs fire road. I was really surprised at how red the soil was here. At the top, the quiet and solitude was broken by the sound of a large truck. It turned out to be 4 firefighters who unlocked the gate and drove up "to check out the view." The view up there really is fant" - klotito, Dec 17, 2017
"Hiked with Jordan. Temperatures around San Diego were predicted at a high of 100 degrees, so we chose this peak as the highs were *only* supposed to be in the upper 70’s. We were the only people at the park when we arrived and saw no other hikers. Took a scenic route up, with lots of twists and turns on the trail. It was kind of sad to see the massive amounts of fire damage in the area. The trails were undulating, a mix between forested areas with a nice cushy underfoot feeling, as well as exposed areas with a lot of red rocks. The views were supreme without a cloud in the sky, and we weren’t " - kellieirene, Oct 23, 2017
"Trail with a variety of terrain. Looks like a fire hit some of the area a while back making for some interesting bare tree's and land. Lots of nice lush and shaded area, which is great on a hot July day. It was a bit hazy, so couldn't see much from the peak. When you get to the top, scramble up the rocks to the right to find the marker(s). Bring lots of water (and snax are always good too)." - colleenmarie512, Jul 8, 2017
"Surprisingly, one of the most mind-blowing vistas in all of So Cal. Unfortunately it's proceed by an unrelenting gain up un unshaded paved road. When I went it was blistering hot and swarming with an ungodly amount of rabid insects." - JustinB, Jun 14, 2017



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