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Via The Brothers


  • Big Slide is one of the Adirondack 46ers in Adirondack Park in New York.
  • Named for the prominent steep cliff that rises to its summit.
  • Because it's relatively close to trailheads and offers a close view of the nearby Great Range, Big Slide is a popular day hiking destination.
  • The most popular approach is via the Brothers, a set of rocky crags which offer several views on the way to the summit.
  • It can also be climbed via the Slide Mountain Brook Trail from the Phelps trail in Johns Brook Valley, or combined with Yard Mountain via the Klondike Notch trail (Yard's elevation is 4018 feet, but it is not one of the ADK 46ers as it is too close to Big Slide to qualify for the list).
  • Slide Mountain Brook Trail crosses and recrosses the brook many times.
"Mostly dry with some mud high up and a very small amount of ice left on the trail at a couple of spots near the top. No spikes needed. Bluebird conditions with light to moderate wind. Saw about 12 people on the trail through the day. 50-70 degrees. " - rhinteractive, May 24, 2018
"We started early around 6h45 from Garden parking lot (we took the shuttle from Marcy Fields).It was a cloudy morning but still looked like it was going to clear up.The view from the 3 Brothers was fantastic. However we could see the the summit of Big Slide was in the clouds.Since it was windy we would hope it would clear up as we arrive to the top. Unfortunately a mix of light rain and total cloud cover prevented us to have a great view.As we head back down the view again from The Brothers was fantastic. We also could see that the cloud were moving from the summit of Big Slide.Oh well, at leas" - CPaquin, Oct 7, 2017
"On Sunday the 7th mom and I backpacked into the Deer Brook lean-to from the Garden parking Lot. It was dark by the time we hiked in. Unfortunately in the dark we couldn't find the lean-to or the trail to the lean-to, just the initial sign. So we set up our tent a ways off the trail and called it a night. The temperature got so low that it was snowing during the night and I was freezing the whole time. So much for a good nights sleep! On the 8th we woke up around 0645, broke camp and hiked back out to the Garden (1.4 miles). We dropped all the heavy camping gear at the car (we were originally " - tscha1, May 8, 2017
"A great hike in over the Brothers. I found the views were actually better from the second Brother than Slide. I did get to use microspikes for the first time and they were worth their weight in gold." - MarkEarle67, Nov 12, 2016
"Wow! Did this hike exceed my expectations. The trail we took over the Brothers was such a good way to go and I suggest it anyone looking to hike Big Slide Mountain. There were so many outlooks, and we kept thinking, "Ok, this must be brother #2?" and then a bigger and better view would come about when we hiked just a tad further! And Big Slide was rather big. There was a small area to hangout at the summit but enough to chill out and catch a view while eating lunch and relaxing before descending. Once again, we met some really nice hikers at the top who had come up another way. We had a good h" - Flyhighrunfast, Aug 18, 2016



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