4,240 ft / 1,292 m

#36 in New York

#33,911 in United States


1,049 ft / 320 m

#75 in New York

#1,989 in United States


224 summits

#7 in New York

#58 in United States

Top climbing months

August   18%

October   11%

July   10%

Most climbed route

Via The Brothers

7.5 mi • 2,663 ft gain


  • Big Slide is one of the Adirondack 46ers in Adirondack Park in New York.
  • Named for the prominent steep cliff that rises to its summit.
  • Because it's relatively close to trailheads and offers a close view of the nearby Great Range, Big Slide is a popular day hiking destination.
  • The most popular approach is via the Brothers, a set of rocky crags which offer several views on the way to the summit.
  • It can also be climbed via the Slide Mountain Brook Trail from the Phelps trail in Johns Brook Valley, or combined with Yard Mountain via the Klondike Notch trail (Yard's elevation is 4018 feet, but it is not one of the ADK 46ers as it is too close to Big Slide to qualify for the list).
  • Slide Mountain Brook Trail crosses and recrosses the brook many times.
89 summits • 7.5 mi • 2,663 ft gain • 7 hr 14 min
6 summits • 12.7 mi • 2,980 ft gain • 8 hr 3 min
1 summit • 11.8 mi • 3,354 ft gain • 5 hr 13 min