5,321 ft / 1,621 m


440 ft / 134 m


13 summits

Top climbing months

September  30%

June   15%

August   15%

Most climbed route

PCT/Tinkham-Silver Saddle

"Set out on an ambitious goal to bag Silver, Abiel, and Tinkham Peaks. I was inspired after my hike up to Annette Lake in early August, having spied both Silver and Abiel Peaks. Our route began at the intersection of FS9070 and the PCT. We opted to hike the peaks in the sequence - Silver, Abiel, Tinkham West, traverse to Tinkham East, circumnavigate Mirror lake, and follow the PCT back to the trailhead. The PCT is a beautiful and generally well-maintained trail. We hiked South with a gradual incline to the cutoff for Silver Peak at about 1.8 miles. You will pass a few talus fields on t" - markhadland, Sep 9, 2018
"I hiked a loop from the point where the PCT crosses FS Road 9070, around to the north and west to the ridge that leads south to Silver Peak. There is still lots of snow and many people were up there skiing in the bowl NNE of Silver Peak. I got onto the NNW ridge and picked my way across dramatic rocks to Silver Peak. Down the south side, I tagged South Silver Peak (just a bump with trees), and then up to Abiel Peak. Going down I went east over to the PCT and then north back to the road. This section of the PCT is not great with deep snow cover, because it's just a notch carved in the 45 d" - markgarrett, Jun 7, 2017
"Even though it was a Friday, I left Seattle at 4:20 AM to ensure I wouldn’t have too much company on the trail. Hiked in along the PCT and found the cairns for the Silver Peak trail very easily at 1.7 miles. It’s pretty mild class 1 other than about 10 ft. of class 2. It was about 3 miles total to the top, which took 1 hr 40 minutes with copious stops for photos. After a break on the top of Silver, I descended to South Silver Peak, which is nothing more than a treed bump in the ridgeline. Continued on to Abiel (class 2), reaching the top at the 3 hr mark and 4.19 miles. From there I backtra" - TynanRammGranberg, Jun 5, 2015
"We took the PCT south from Windy Pass to the junction with the Silver/Tinkham Peak trail just before the pond. From there we headed up to South Silver Peak in the middle of the ridge between Silver and Tinkham Peaks. Then we headed up to Silver Peak and took in some great views thanks to some beautiful weather. Next, we headed back to South Silver Peak, then took the ridge to Abiel Peak. From there it was back to South Silver Peak once again before heading up to Tinkham Peak. Great views Silver, Tinkham, and Abiel. We couldn't have asked for a better day." - Al-Rashid, Sep 3, 2012
"After hitting Silver Peak, Maverick and I rapidly descended the snowy hillside through heavy winds towards Abiel Peak. The ascent is mostly a scramble over sometime loose rock, and is heavily exposed if not on one side then the other. The summit provided a clear view of Abiel Lake, Tinkham Peak, as well as Panoramic views of the Cascades and Rainier. We sat and enjoyed occasional bursts of sunshine a midst the chilling winds until I could no longer take the cold. By this time most of the icy trail had melted or softened up enough to dig in for traction, making for a more leisurely jog back to " - Jeb, Nov 2, 2011


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