8,505 ft / 2,592 m


305 ft / 93 m


28 summits

Top climbing months

October   24%

May   17%

June   13%

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"I approached Wright Mountain from Guffy Campground via the PCT. After about a quarter mile from the intersection of the Acorn Trail, an unnamed use trail veers left, leaving the PCT. The trail fades in and out, creating a bit of a cross country route to the summit. Not much of a view from the summit, but a lot of trees. From the summit, I headed south to connect with the PCT. Pine Mountain was the next mountain over, but will need to be attempted another day. Weather was nearly perfect in the high country, making the visit a memorable one, despite dealing with the occasional hunter creeping ar" - Peak-Conquistador, Oct 28, 2017
"Unlike my first time, I did not hike all the way from Angeles Crest Highway. My friend and I hiked from Guffy Campground along Blue Ridge Truck Trail and then to the Pacific Crest Trail then to the use trail near a big landslide below to the peak. The use trail is often hard to follow, so we had to walk through some low chaparral and some cross-country to the summit under pines and firs. There is a stone pile and summit register at the peak. There used to be a metal post with a triangle on its top the last time I hiked it last year, but it is now gone. Getting back to PCT required some cr" - brianpowell, Jun 10, 2017
"Hot. Had to hike from Guffy because Forest Service is all about locked gates these days. Smoke from Sand Fire wasn't bad at all at this point in the day. Had the whole mountain to myself." - edg, Jul 30, 2016
"Starting at Inspiration Point along Angeles Crest Hwy, this was the second summit of two I did on this day. I first followed stretches of both PCT and Blue Ridge Road to Blue Ridge's summit, took a break, then again following stretches of both PCT and Blue Ridge Rd, came up to a point where PCT intersects a narrow use trail near a sheer dropoff (Landslide area?) on the northwest side of the mountain. I followed the use trail through chaparral and sagebrush, and the trail seems to disappear at the edge of the forested summit plateau. I did a short cross-country walk, and after a little wande" - brianpowell, Jun 18, 2016
"With Gobblers Knob. Trail was snow free except for at the top. Great views of the snowy Baldy area peaks. As always, the PCT was in excellent shape and was a pleasure to walk on." - klotito, Feb 28, 2016



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