5,936 ft / 1,809 m


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January   50%

October   50%

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Barclay Lake

"We arrived at an empty Barclay Lake Trailhead at 6:30 on Saturday morning. A few inches of snow had been rutted out for the last mile of the road. Microspikes were helpful from the get go on the mostly snowy-covered trail. About 4 inches of ice covered most of Barclay Lake. Maverick was a little spooked by the creaking ice as we watched Mount Baring emerge from the fog. I was surprised to stumble upon a group of 4 camping at one of the larger sites along the shore. I exchanged pleasantries with the only awake camper before continuing up the trail. A bootpath to Eagle Lake picks up at the e" - Jeb, Jan 4, 2014


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