1,194 ft / 363 m


967 ft / 295 m


8 summits

Top climbing months

June   25%

March   12%

April   12%

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Normal route

"Had breakfast on Ngungun while watching the sunrise, then over to Tibro for the main event. In our party of 18, only two did not make it to the top. One of the more difficult climbs in SE Qld." - donizen, Apr 16, 2017
"After spending New Years eve and day at my bros, my partner and I climbed the Gorilla my second time her first. Several times she got stuck but with the help of myself and other climbers that day she accomplished the hardest adventure she has ever done up to that time." - Dingo-Jace, Jan 2, 2012
"While visiting my brother in Qld, 3 of us attempted the what we know as The Gorilla. My mate Steve couldn't do it as he had dizzy spells on the first vertical wall. We carried on and what an exciting climb the adrenaline was pumping the whole time." - Dingo-Jace, Aug 9, 2009


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