Queensland peaks

3,105 peaks

Highest peak

Mount Bartle Frere

5,321 ft / 1,621 m

Most summited peak


35 summits

Most prominent peak

Mount Bartle Frere

4,354 ft / 1,327 m prom

Queensland summits

377 summits

First Ascent Awards

103 of 3,105 peaks 3%

Top climbing months

May 11%

August 9%

December 9%

Queensland mountains highlights

"Started from Old Mill Road and went straight to The Prow, climbed this then along the ridge to the loookout, then down and across to The Funnel, then on to The Mast and finally The Stern. Back to the Funnel and then bushbashed straight down the hill to Streamer Creek Road then back to the car." - Mount Steamer, donizen, Apr 15, 2018
"Led a group of 9 from Meetup group Happy Hikers. we went the usual way up from the end of Emu Creek Road, and back the same way with a small diversion to the waterfall near the creek crossing." - Mount Superbus, donizen, Apr 8, 2018
"Led a group of 26 to do both Gold Coast pinnacles, Pages Pinnacle and the Springbrook Pinnacle. A few dropped out along the way and about half made it to the top of each. Recent rains made both quite muddy and slippery. Followed by refreshments at the pub near Purling Brook Falls." - Pages Pinnacle, donizen, Apr 1, 2018
"Led a group of 25 members of the Meetup group Happy Hikers. We first climbed Pages Pinnacle then over to the Warrie Circuit to access the Pringbrook Pinnacle. About half the group managed to reach the top of each. Recent rains made the tracks muddy and slippery. Total distance today was 21.1 km." - The Pinnacle, donizen, Mar 31, 2018
"Led a group of 15 hikers to do the Little Bally Mountain and Bally Mountain circuit. Rained a bit and some parts were quite slippery. Followed by lunch at Polly's Kitchen at Neranwood." - Little Bally Mountain, donizen, Mar 30, 2018

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