Queensland peaks

3,103 peaks

Highest peak

Mount Bartle Frere

5,321 ft / 1,621 m

Most summited peak


35 summits

Most prominent peak

Mount Bartle Frere

4,354 ft / 1,327 m prom

Queensland summits

369 summits

First Ascent Awards

101 of 3,103 peaks 3%

Top climbing months

May 11%

August 10%

December 10%

Queensland mountains highlights

"Led a second group (did this one the day before) of 17 people from Meetup group Happy Hikers. We did the usual circuit from Mt Glorious Rd along Lawton Rd, then England Rd to the camping area. Then along the ridge over the various peaks, and then descending to Lawton Rd to return to the cars. Also did the side track to the Rocky Crag above Northbrook Gorge. Highlight was coming across a death adder." - Northbrook Mountain, donizen, Mar 18, 2018
"Led a Meetup group (Happy Hikers) of 10. We did a circuit mostly of Lawton Rd traversing the ridge through the various peaks, then descended to Lawton Road for the return to the cars." - Northbrook Mountain, donizen, Mar 17, 2018
"Decided to do the two Gold Coast Pinnacles - Pages Pinnacle and the Springbrook Pinnacle (off the Warrie Circuit). Recent heavy rains made Pages Pinnacle rather slippery so we did not go over the razorback ridge and did not go right to the summit. Warrie Circuit was closed due to the heavy rain so did not get to the other pinnacle either." - Pages Pinnacle, donizen, Mar 11, 2018
"Led a group of 17 from Meetup group Happy Hikers to the Piper Comanche plane wreck. Added an optional attempt to go to the summit of Mt D'Aguilar. 9 of us fought through much wait-a-whiles, lantana etc to reach the top." - Mount D'Aguilar, donizen, Mar 4, 2018
"10 of us from Meetup group Happy Hikers visited the Piper Comanche plane crash site, then on to Mt D'Aguilar. Got to within 150 m of the summit but were thwarted by dense foliage and lots of stinging nettles and wait-a-whiles. Going back again in two days time leading a second group." - Mount D'Aguilar, donizen, Mar 2, 2018

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