Queensland peaks

3,114 peaks

Highest peak

Mount Bartle Frere

5,321 ft / 1,621 m

Most summited peak


46 summits

Most prominent peak

Mount Bartle Frere

4,354 ft / 1,327 m prom

Queensland summits

434 summits

First Ascent Awards

111 of 3,114 peaks 3%

Top climbing months

May 11%

December 10%

June 9%

Queensland mountains highlights

"Spur of the moment decision to do a few small mountains around the Lowood and Fernvale area. went up from Freeses Rd, and traversed across the ridge to Mt Stradbroke as well. Grass was very long (up to waist high) along most of the ridge." - The Knobby, donizen, Jan 10, 2019
"Took a group of 25 members of Meetup group Happy Hikers up Black Creek, then back down Cedar Creek. One gave up after about an hour and went back, and another decided he was not up to the descent and managed to hitch a ride back down." - Mount Glorious, donizen, Jan 5, 2019
"Multiple tracks as well as a road make this quite an easy climb, although taxing on the knees ( lots of steps ) and there are some slippery rock sections. The climb took us less than an hour return. The view from the top is quite picturesque. " - Castle Hill, brown_eyed_girl71, Jan 4, 2019
"Spur of the moment decision to zip up this one with a friend. Very easy. Just bush-bashed straight up from the camping area. Was up and down in 38 minutes which included some time exploring the summit." - Mount Alphen, donizen, Dec 15, 2018
"This climb is definitely strenuous, but well worth the trip. Duration was about 3.5Hrs with all but a steady slope which becomes quite steep. The trail is marked by blue dots but erosion has made some areas quite taxing. There are some thick bush areas which are quite stifling and still and the last 100 metres is very steep. The view from the top however is magnificent. There were no mosquitos . We were advised however, that the area is a known bushfire risk, so beware attempting in such conditions as there is no where to escape. " - Mount Larcom, brown_eyed_girl71, Dec 10, 2018

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