Queensland peaks

3,102 peaks

Highest peak

Mount Bartle Frere

5,321 ft / 1,621 m

Most summited peak


34 summits

Most prominent peak

Mount Bartle Frere

4,354 ft / 1,327 m prom

Queensland summits

363 summits

First Ascent Awards

98 of 3,102 peaks 3%

Top climbing months

May 11%

August 10%

December 10%

Queensland mountains highlights

"First time up this one. Solo trip. Went from intersection of Basin Rd and Wills Close. Followed fire trail for first part, then a faint trail for the last 2.5 km to the summit.The ubiquitous cairn of rocks at the top." - Mount Samson, donizen, Feb 10, 2018
"Short hike with my younger daughter Natalie before she flies back to Boston. Hot day, quite tough for such a low mountain. But a good quality time with my daughter. We did not go across to the summit on the northern end, but that is only a little bit of bush bashing and nothing special." - Mount Cooee, donizen, Jan 9, 2018
"Started end of Bonogin Road. Went the usual way to the ridge on the left then up to Little Bally Mountain. Then directly over to Bally Mountain, then directly down the ridge back to the car. Did a few side exploratory forays. Started about 4.40 am and back about 10 am." - Bally Mountain, donizen, Jan 6, 2018
"Been meaning to do this one for years. Chose a bad day for it as lots of heavy rain recently. Very soggy getting to the base. Started from Barrs Rd directly north of the summit and walked past a couple of properties, then headed directly as much as possible to the summit. Continued on to the southern end of the flattish area on top. Then as direct as possible back to the car. Steep and lots of lantana. Should have taken a machete. Not sure if there is an easier way to the top and a track, so mostly bushwhacking. Still enjoyable. Small rocky ledges on the eastern side of the summit with some vi" - Mount Cooee, donizen, Dec 4, 2017
"Climbed to see the sunset, then supermoon rise over the ocean. Lots of rain around and cloudy so did not see either. Still great atmosphere being dark and eeire, and with just the three of us quite different to the usual times where there are heaps of people there." - Ngungun, donizen, Dec 4, 2017

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