Queensland peaks

3,105 peaks

Highest peak

Mount Bartle Frere

5,321 ft / 1,621 m

Most summited peak


42 summits

Most prominent peak

Mount Bartle Frere

4,354 ft / 1,327 m prom

Queensland summits

402 summits

First Ascent Awards

105 of 3,105 peaks 3%

Top climbing months

May 12%

June 10%

April 9%

Queensland mountains highlights

"Solo hike. Left from the lookout and followed the Litchfield Trail tonear channel 9. Then down to Ghost Hole. Followed East Ithaca Creek down to J C Slaughter Falls. Then followed the Summit Trail a short way before turning right to ascend back to the Litchfield Track, then back to the lookout. Drove down to J C Slaughter Picnic Area and went up to The Pinnacle." - Mount Coot-tha, donizen, Jul 6, 2018
"Led 25 members of Meetup group Happy Hikers around Ngungun showing them the off-track areas. Climbed from the north to the plateua below the summit, then down to the cave, then Owl Pillar and finally the lake on the eastern side. " - Ngungun, donizen, Jun 24, 2018
"Led a group of 20 up the north side. Came down via the tourist route to Owl Pillar, followed the rough path down easterly to the fire trail, then back to the cars on the north side. Also visited the lake on the east side of the mountain." - Ngungun, donizen, Jun 17, 2018
"Led 16 members of Meetup group Happy Hikers up Coochin, after doing Ngungun from the north side (Sahara Rd). Went up Coochin from the south, thus doing both from the opposite to the usual ways up. Crossed to the west peak then down to the fire trail and back round the east side of the mountain to the cars. I left the group at the saddle to bush-bash down the creek to the fire trail. Joined them at the trail." - Mount Coochin, donizen, Jun 10, 2018
"Decided to scale Ngungun from the north. Started from Sahara Rd and went up to the cliffs, then to the right and found a way up on the north west side. Came back down to Owl Pillar, then went along the base of the cliff back along the east side, then bush-bashed our way down to the fire trail and back to the car." - Ngungun, donizen, May 19, 2018

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