9,138 ft / 2,785 m


578 ft / 176 m


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August   12%

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Dawson Saddle

"My 3rd visit to Throop was as usual, an awesome, peaceful hike up from Dawson Saddle through some gorgeous conifer forest. But, after Throop I took the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) eastbound and visited Burnham (8,997'), Peak 9,100' (east of Burnham), and Baden-Powell (9,399'). The Dawson Saddle Trail is a mellow, easy trail, meeting up with the Pacific Crest Trail. You hike a few feet along the PCT, then find the faint use trail up to Throop, which is the steepest part of the climb. Views on Throop are amazing! The weather was crisp with an early fall chill, reflected in some of the changin" - brianpowell, Sep 24, 2017
"The way to Throop Peak was the same as last time; I ascended Dawson Saddle Trail off Angeles Crest Highway to a brief walk on Pacific Crest Trail. I then found the use trail, and ascended the summit. After a break, I then went on to Mt. Hawkins (8,850')." - brianpowell, Jul 9, 2016
"1 of 4 on the day. Came up directly from Dawson Saddle along N ridge and the use trail back down to rejoin the PCT. Incredibly clear morning, could see DTLA and much of the LA basin." - edg, Jun 18, 2016
"Easy to moderate hike ca. 4 miles from Dawson Saddle (7,901) at Angeles Crest Hwy (CA-2) up Dawson Saddle Trail. Goes through Jeffrey Pine/Sugar Pine/White Fir, and then Lodgepole/Limber Pine on higher, north facing slopes. Summit is 9,138'. " - brianpowell, Aug 8, 2015
"This was a four-peak day, starting at Dawson Saddle and ending at Vincent Gap. We hit Throop, Burnham and Baden-Powell and then headed down to Ross. Back up to Baden-Powell then down to the car shuttle we set up at Vincent Gap. Two of these peaks (Burnham and Ross) were new to me. This was an HPS hike led by the Doggetts. There were a lot of folks in the morning at Vincent Gap, and even a couple of horses, but we didn't really run into many folks on the trails. We did pass a few PCT through hikers. Ross was Jim Kidder's 100th HPS peak! It was a good day to do Ross--fairly cool, a good bit of c" - HikerMark, Jun 6, 2015



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