5,856 ft / 1,785 m


854 ft / 260 m


11 summits

Top climbing months

July   36%

August   27%

June   18%

Most climbed route

Trail 1316 to 1315

"We took an unofficial trail we found at the end of the forest road and ended up camping in a meadow just below thorp lake, which was our intended destination. A pair of mountain goats were perched on the rocks slowly scaling the side of a peak above us. In the morning we headed up to the lake to eat breakfast and stock up on water. Our next destination was the lookout at the summit of thorp mountain. The view from the top was rewarding. From there we decided to take a trail marked as hard to follow according to the green trails map and visit little joe lake. Hard to follow was an accurate d" - Al-Rashid, Jul 28, 2012
"We hiked in Friday night from the unofficial trail at the end of FR 4312 and promptly lost the main trail among the maze of bootpaths along the way. We ran out of light before we could find Thorp lake, so we set up camp in the meadow just below it. After breakfast at the lake we loaded up our gear and climbed to the lookout tower atop Thorp Mountain.The sky was mostly clear except for some clouds sitting on the surface of the cascadde crest beyond Alta and Lemah mountains. Shortly after arriving at the summit we were circled by a red biplane that seemed to be on a scenic flight. The ori" - Jeb, Jul 28, 2012



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