9,342 ft / 2,847 m


702 ft / 214 m


7 summits

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August   42%

June   28%

July   28%

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Scrambled up from Blue Lakes Rd

"I hosted a hike with NorCal Women Adventurers today to hike Markleeville Peak (9,396') and The Nipple (9,341'), my 21st and 22nd Ogul peaks. I was worried the smoke from the Detwiler Fire might affect the air quality, but we got lucky! It was still pretty clear and we had great views all around. We hiked Markleeville first. After summiting Markleeville, we drove down the road a little bit to meet up with the PCT. We took it north a couple miles and then hoofed it off trail to get to the summit of The Nipple. There were some cool cliffs and rocks near the top, but nothing scary. We took some p" - kaylam87, Jul 22, 2017



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