6,835 ft / 2,083 m


1,095 ft / 334 m


6 summits

Top climbing months

November   33%

February   16%

May   16%

Most climbed route

Traverse to/from Black Mt.

"Finally came back in conquered this along with Black Mountain. If you stop at Cane Spring there is a definite use trail all the way to the peak. However, near the ridge as it gets ready to dip to the saddle between the ridge and Split it gets incredibly overgrown. It also gets really easy to lose the ducked trail. If you descend to the saddle and lose the trail you will PAY. It is for sure a class 4 bushwhack if you make a mistake so take your time. There is indeed a use trail on that ridge to the saddle and back, its just hard to see. That being said its still pretty bushwhacky even if you" - Irrationalist, Oct 18, 2015
"This traverse kicked my ass. The route was overgrown with Buckthorn and just when you think you're almost there, the final gap drops a quick 500' only to have to regain it up more overgrown and steep slopes. That being said, the summit was one of the finest in recent memory with a view straight up the Kern River drainage and south to Lake Isabella." - Christopher, Feb 10, 2015



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