"Winter Walk. From Rothbury went south towards Garleigh Moor and via The Beacon and Dove Crag. Snow and Ice on the route, practiced with Ice axe in some parts to keep me steady." - danieltheedrew, Jan 10, 2016
"A short trip up our nearest peak to try some new lightweight boots. The weather was warm and cloudy, but dry. We set off from the moorland car park, walked up onto the ridge and walked west over the 3 lower summits, before getting to the main summit above the crags at the far west end of the ridge. Here we had a short break, before heading back the same route, over all of the minor summits. Unfortunately the new boots although generally comfortable, rubbed the skin off one of my toes." - davidlong, Jul 3, 2012
"We had a few hours, so a trip to our nearest hill for some exercise. Parked at the moorland car park at Lordenshaws and walked up onto the ridge. Walked over all of the summits to the western end at Simonside, then dropped steeply down to the forest track and returned on the lower path." - davidlong, Feb 14, 2012
"A cold wet December day, with a forecast of more snow. Our drive to the startpoint was blocked by fallen trees from yesterdays storm. We drove around to the the forest car park and noticed the low cloud on the hills. We ascended through the forest to the pass between Simonside and Tosson Hill . There we examined the notice board, which gives details of the old legends relating to this place. We then ascended to the main summit by the footpath through the crags. I have some photos of a previous ascent of this hill on the longest day sunset, when the sun reaches a point creating a sunburst throu" - davidlong, Dec 14, 2011
"This is a nearby hill, which we often visit because of the easy access and fine views. On this occasion, the heather was being burnt, presumably to encourage new growth for game birds after the harsh winter. At times, the flames came very close to the path, which was surprising for a sunny Sunday, as the hill was quite busy with many families, who had to make a detour to avoid " - davidlong, Mar 6, 2011


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