England peaks

4,597 peaks

Highest peak

Scafell Pike

3,208 ft / 977 m

Most summited peak

Scafell Pike

52 summits

Most prominent peak

Scafell Pike

2,992 ft / 911 m prom

England summits

2,248 summits

First Ascent Awards

949 of 4,597 peaks 20%

Top climbing months

May 14%

April 13%

August 10%

England mountains highlights

"Took my 6-year-old daughter with me to bag her first mountain above 3,000ft. From Latrigg car park. Weather was sunny but a biting cold wind. Set off at 10:30am and had plenty of stops for rests along the way. Reached the summit about 2:30pm. Afterwards bagged Little Man on the way back down. Arrived back at car around 6pm. " - Skiddaw, NorthernWayfarer, May 13, 2018
"Went with my 6 year old daughter. Parked the car on the A68 at the lay-by east of Byrness. Followed the forestry track to near Harry's Pike then left it for the cairn. Over a deer fence. This is the only difficult section... 2ft/60cm high tufts of grass and mounds of moss with intermittent bog land. Crossed another deer fence and then followed quad bike tracks to the summit. Weather was mostly cloudy but dry... we had one shower of snow/sleet/hail (in that order) that lasted 5-10 minutes. This gave way to a break in the clouds and some warm sunshine. " - Hungry Law, NorthernWayfarer, Apr 29, 2018
"Parked at lay-by on county border. Followed fence across deep heather and bog. Beware... I had to keep stopping to remove ticks and there are some deep nasty holes hidden in the heather. You need to take a stick with you. There are two step stiles to cross and a large peat hag. The bridge for the peat hag is broken but a bit further to the East are some stones in the hag that can be used to cross. Although the moors look desolate, they're teaming with life but you get a true feeling of solitude. There is a small building used as a grouse pen on the summit. This looks like it was once a shootin" - Pike Rigg, NorthernWayfarer, Apr 19, 2018
"Denied access by Otterburn Range Control. It would seem that only military personnel can bag this hill unless you are willing to chance trespassing on an MOD live firing range. Friday 13th strikes!" - Thirl Moor, NorthernWayfarer, Apr 13, 2018
"Ten Tors Training Camp (Failed Again) 3: My 3rd visit and the location stands out to me. Bleakness and river valleys, no civilisation. It's what being here is about. Thankfully the mist cleared from now on." - Quickbeam Hill, beautifuldartmoor, Mar 10, 2018

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