8,198 ft / 2,499 m


32 ft / 9 m


48 summits

Top climbing months

July   27%

August   25%

October   15%

Most climbed route

Štrbské Pleso, Slovakia

"I started climbing from Morskie Oko mountain hut at 6:00AM. I reached the top at 11:00AM. The trail was very icy and huge amount of snow was really slowing me down. I returned back to the hut at 2:00PM" - szymonkodrebski, Jan 28, 2017
"Poland/Slovakia. Breakfast in Zakopane. Parked car in Lysa Polana. Went to Morskie Oko. Road was packed with people. Started climbing. At second lake there were a lot less people. Had to cross ridge with chasms on both sides. At the top there was a metallic box and a polish flag. 4 Poles were hiding from the wind. Slept in hut at Slovak side." - Pieter, Aug 24, 2015
"Started early from the chalet. Very nice mountain hut but crowded during the day. In three hours to the summit. It was good to be there early before the crowds arrived. Great hike, first past the two lakes then up the rocks. Amazing views. We were in Krakau by evening." - ncst, Oct 7, 2011



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