Prešovský peaks

1,224 peaks

Highest peak

Gerlachovský Štít

8,710 ft / 2,654 m

Most summited peak

Rysy - North Peak

48 summits

Most prominent peak

Gerlachovský Štít

7,726 ft / 2,354 m prom

Prešovský summits

484 summits

First Ascent Awards

140 of 1,224 peaks 11%

Top climbing months

August 23%

July 18%

September 12%

Prešovský mountains highlights

"Due to very poor visibility, large amount of fresh snow and a dangerous-looking traverse, we had to turn back just below the summit. Anyway it was a fun winter climb in a beautiful terrain, my first real winter climb :) " - Rysy - Central Peak, zoltanban, Feb 4, 2018
"An ascent of the mountain from the Slovak side. Although the route is a marked trail, I decided to engage the services of Grzegorz Kubicki, Tatra guide and a member of the Polish mountain rescue, whose chata we were renting. I had never engaged a guide before - and Grzegorz was quite excellent. He has a deep knowledge of the Tatra, is engaging company, and shares his love of these mountains in excellent English. I thoroughly recommend him - see his Facebook page at We took the long drive round fro" - Rysy - Central Peak, marktrengove, Aug 10, 2017
"Start at Sliezky dom 1600 m st 8.00, by 11.30 we reached the summit. We returned by Granatova Lavka to Sliezky Dom, finished at 15.30, windy, clowdy, later in the day clear sky.." - Bradavica, niklasbennwik, Jun 13, 2017
"Start at Pod Pleso 1500 m, at 8.00, reached summit at 14.00. We came down from the peak at 15.30 and walked back to Pod Pleso at 17.30. Clear sky, little wind. I felt that I did Krivan the day before.." - Ganek, niklasbennwik, Jun 11, 2017
"I started climbing from Morskie Oko mountain hut at 6:00AM. I reached the top at 11:20AM. The trail was very icy and huge amount of snow was really slowing me down. I returned back to the hut at 2:00PM" - Rysy - Central Peak, szymonkodrebski, Jan 28, 2017

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