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1,320 ft / 402 m


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  • North Trypyramid is a NH 4000-footer and one of 3 peaks that comprise Mount Trypyramid near Waterville, New Hampshire.
  • The north face has a long, steep, prominent rock slide known as the North Slide.
  • Often climbed in combination with Middle Tripyramid , another official 4000-footer on the AMC list.
  • Usually climbed in a loop from north-to-south since climbing up the North Slide is easier than going down.
"Hike with Kate P up Pine Bend Brook Tr. Her first time up. Encountered deep snow higher up. The signpost at the trail junction was nearly buried. Easier time then I was expecting to reach the summit on the final pitch." - newenglandwarrior, Apr 28, 2018
"A solo hike, and double-bagged North and Middle peaks (4th and 5th 4000 footer). I was pleasantly surprised to find the 'Flags on the 48' was on the same day. I topped North Tripyramid as the flag was being raised, shortly thereafter a Black Hawk helicopter flew over head! A very special hike and I am glad I could experience the special tribute. One of the flag raisers was a seven-year-old who already hiked all 48 4000 footers! Continued on to Middle and South Tripyramids." - gullyhiker, Sep 9, 2017
"After Middle, we went over and did North Tripyramid. Then we came down Pine Bend Brook Tr to Scaur Tr to Livermore Tr. Livermore Tr had some wet boggy areas. We reached the Kanc side of Livermore and my car. Some strong red-lining gains for me." - newenglandwarrior, Jul 6, 2017
"Trail started out on a nice dirt road (we really appreciated it on the way back). The North Slide was the hardest trail I've done yet. Open slide, mix of slab rocks & gravelly rocks, goes on for a mile! One of my fellow hikers coached me up, thank goodness. I probably would have taken the Scaur Ridge trail if I was climbing solo. Several water crossings, most rock hoppable (although we walked right through on our way out - cold water felt good)." - PJSelmer, Jul 3, 2017
"Well, I don't know how to even tell this story...it's a little bit of a dramatic "don't do/ what could go wrong" story. A friend and I set out to climb Whiteface...it was a beautiful 50 degree day...the sun was shining...it was perfect! About halfway up I said something about if we were real crazy we would have hiked over to the tripyramids...she said, well you should do it and I will drive and get you. I giggled...thought about it and said awesome. I called a hiking friend while I still had service to ask him to track the route and tell me if he saw any water crossings and how long it wou" - shay-shay, Mar 9, 2017



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