New Hampshire peaks

1,680 peaks

Highest peak

Mount Washington

6,288 ft / 1,916 m

Most summited peak

Mount Washington

893 summits

Most prominent peak

Mount Washington

6,148 ft / 1,873 m prom

New Hampshire summits

22,931 summits

First Ascent Awards

638 of 1,680 peaks 37%

Top climbing months

July 14%

August 13%

June 12%

New Hampshire mountains highlights

  • The Appalachian Trail cuts across New Hampshire over the highest of the craggy White Mountains including the highest, Mt Washington 6288 ft.
  • Due to close proximity to the Boston area, many of these peaks are extremely popular with weekend hikers.
  • Solitary Mount Monadnock 3,165 ft in southern New Hampshire is one of the most climbed peaks in the world, perhaps 2nd only to Mount Fuji in Japan.
  • The 4000 Footers Challenge is the most popular peak challenge in the state and one of the most popular in the US.
  • The White Mountains of New Hampshire stretch across the upper center of the state and contain all of the highest peaks in the state, collectively known as the "4000 footers"
"The Weston Observatory was open this weekend for Fall Foliage viewing from the observation deck, 85 steps up. Good views to the south and west. Trees obscure views north and east. Sunny but quite windy day so didn't stay long." - Oak Hill, SteveM_StickMan, Oct 21, 2018
"Nice short hike up Hale Brook trail. Trail was muddy and leave cover down low. Icy spots and frozen mud near summit. Frost covered trees nest top and snow falling most of way." - Mount Hale, blackwolf_03278, Oct 21, 2018
"Nora, Kali and I climbed Table Mountain on a very warn, sunny day. I'd just hiked it three days before on a cool day, which was much nicer. This hike, today, was harder with the heat and humidity. It's still an easy and absolutely beautiful climb, regardless of the weather, though I'd imagine those ledges might be rough in the ice. " - Table Mountain, Hufflepuff, Oct 9, 2018
"What would be an okay summer hike turned out to be a magical fall hike. Pretty easy/moderate to the final 10-15 min of climbing to the Scaur, where things get steep. The forest was on fire with color from the Scaur outlook!" - The Scaur, HikeLikeMike, Oct 7, 2018
"Out-and-back from the Berlin Fish Hatchery. Evidence of major blow-down destruction on South Weeks. Huge shout out to the trail crews that cleaned it all up. Water crossings on the York Pond Trail were a little trickier than I would have preferred." - Mount Weeks, ducati996, Oct 6, 2018

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