830 ft / 252 m


590 ft / 179 m


42 summits

Top climbing months

September  16%

May   14%

June   14%

Most climbed route

Ngungun Trail

"Led 25 members of Meetup group Happy Hikers around Ngungun showing them the off-track areas. Climbed from the north to the plateua below the summit, then down to the cave, then Owl Pillar and finally the lake on the eastern side. " - donizen, Jun 24, 2018
"Led a group of 20 up the north side. Came down via the tourist route to Owl Pillar, followed the rough path down easterly to the fire trail, then back to the cars on the north side. Also visited the lake on the east side of the mountain." - donizen, Jun 17, 2018
"Decided to scale Ngungun from the north. Started from Sahara Rd and went up to the cliffs, then to the right and found a way up on the north west side. Came back down to Owl Pillar, then went along the base of the cliff back along the east side, then bush-bashed our way down to the fire trail and back to the car." - donizen, May 19, 2018
"My friend Kerry Smith invited me to join her and her friend Denise to do a slow relaxing climb. We took our time, explored the cave, went down the south western ridge, then I proceeded to explore the flat area below the ridge." - donizen, May 6, 2018
"Climbed to see the sunset, then supermoon rise over the ocean. Lots of rain around and cloudy so did not see either. Still great atmosphere being dark and eeire, and with just the three of us quite different to the usual times where there are heaps of people there." - donizen, Dec 4, 2017


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