830 ft / 252 m


590 ft / 179 m


35 summits

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September  18%

February   13%

December   11%

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Ngungun Trail

"Climbed to see the sunset, then supermoon rise over the ocean. Lots of rain around and cloudy so did not see either. Still great atmosphere being dark and eeire, and with just the three of us quite different to the usual times where there are heaps of people there." - donizen, Dec 4, 2017
"Members: Daz, Corina, Tara Difficulty: Grade 3 (well formed, steps in difficult parts) Time: 1.75 hrs (we dawdled coming down and spent lots of time at the top) Description: Great climb with Corina & Tara. Different levels of forest along the way from dense rainforest like wet forest to open scrub nearer the peak. Cool cave along the way. Excellent outcrops at the top for the kids to climb around on. Scary cliff to look over. Lost Tara on the way back down due to Darryl & Corina taking shortcut... ;-)" - Ormo, May 19, 2013
"Hiked Ngungun with the Australia Missions Trip group from the Hamburg Wesleyan Church. The hike was led by Graham Smith and had great views of the Glasshouse Mountains from the summit." - LukeG0903, Jul 12, 2006


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