10,160 ft / 3,097 m


80 ft / 24 m


19 summits

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July   35%

June   25%

April   10%

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"Long cross-country march over from Folly. I Was starting to feel the proverbial "it" by the time I reached the summit. Part of a group of peaks done in a loop: Cornell, Folly, Newton Drury, Jean, Shirley, and Marion." - JustinB, Jul 13, 2018
"5/5. A long, annoying, brushy traverse from Folly. I ended up dropping way lower than I wanted to due to heavy brush on slopes south of the trail leading up to San Jacinto. Long walk back to the car from the summit. All in all, a great loop around the high peaks of the San Jacinto range." - edg, Jul 29, 2017
"Peak 5/7. Hiked XC from Folly. Was able to follow the contour around drainage in between to avoid losing too much elevation. Complete TR: http://themtsarecalling.com/sanjacinto/" - Christopher, May 21, 2016
"Fourth peak of a six-peak day in the San Jacinto Mountains, on an HPS hike led by the Doggetts. We came cross-country from Folly. Ran into a WTC group arriving as we were leaving the summit...didn't think we'd see anyone once we left the crowded summit of San Jacinto itself." - HikerMark, Jun 14, 2014



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