12,520 ft / 3,816 m


4 summits

Top climbing months

August   75%

June   25%

Most climbed route

West Ridge

"Long day from the Sawtooth parking lot in Mineral King, up to Monarch Lakes, over the Great Western Divide, strenuous traverse across boulders and gravel, then up the SW slopes to the summit. But which summit block is the highest??" - rstephens6, Aug 21, 2016
"Went from lower monarch and crossed over the southern ridge of sawtooth. Long slog up needham. Climbed the 3 summit blocks that looked about the same height but I couldn't find the register. " - MatthewWinterberg, Aug 11, 2015
"Finally achieved this after a long day climbing Empire Mountain and Sawtooth Peak. Wonderous views. We spent a long time trying to find the actual tallest point and really tried to give all of the possible points a climb. It was a long climb from Sawtooth and we had to drop much more than we thought to get here. We dropped down to Amphitheater Lake to get lake and hopefully climb right over to Monarch Lakes (as we read we could do somewhere), sadly that person must have brought rope because we didn't see any way of doing it without rope. So we had to climb Sawtooth Peak... AGAIN. Thankfully th" - Irrationalist, Aug 1, 2015



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