5,712 ft / 1,741 m


150 ft / 46 m


147 summits

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April   14%

February   12%

March   12%

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Chantry Flats

Class 1


  • From Adam's Pack Station, a seriously arduous hike via Sturtevant Camp. But that root beer float at the top though!
"Started at 7:30am via the Mt. Wilson Trail from Sierra Madre. A very hot day but the trail is shaded most of the way. Summitted at 11:30am with a couple of rest breaks. The Cosmic Cafe was not open but there are plenty of places to fill your water bottles. Started down and saw a bear at Orchard Camp. It seemed inquisitive rather than skittish so I took a couple of pictures and got out of there. Very hot coming down. 13.6 miles total according to the All Trails app and a whopping 4,695ft elevation gain!" - laphil, Jun 26, 2017
"What a beautiful clear, but chilly, day! Echoing prior posts – the creeks and waterfalls were beautiful. The forests were green and chilly – but very little snow/ice left. The Summit was still a great reward – although very developed. The trail back down – completely washed out by the parking lot and we found it hard to find the “old toll road” – but once we looked at the map in the parking lot (duh) we realized we could walk down the paved road to the “road closed” gate on the left and hop on the old toll road there – that took us (of course) back to the Winter Creek trail head. The finish – " - yosinalissebeck, Feb 24, 2017
"So much better in January---No Biting Flys!!! Fun all day hike with the kids and some of the Linker Family. Started a little after 7am, and back to the car after 6pm in the dark (No DST to save us this time). First mountain of the year to get ready for this Spring/Summer!" - DoyleWalton, Jan 24, 2016
"Went up to Mt. Wilson today. There was zero water along the trail except for maybe some random deep pockets in the rocks of the creek beds. Surprisingly quiet for Labor Day weekend. Trip time was 3 hours up via Chantry to the summit and 2 hours down via Winter Creek. Nearly the entire trail is shaded to it was easy to put up with 85 degree heat. One of the best hikes I have done because the elevation wasn't crazy and it is a well maintained trail with plenty to do up top. " - MobyMcBeard, Sep 5, 2015
"The bugs were awful. Don't try this hike right now without a bug net for your head. I thought I was in a bad horror movie. Other than the bugs, it was a great hike. Lots of poison oak around the trail, but it hasn't overgrown the trail. You can do this hike in shorts if you are careful. " - aaronm, Aug 24, 2015



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