6,612 ft / 2,015 m


2,132 ft / 650 m


6 summits

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July   33%

May   16%

June   16%

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Via Putvin Trail

"From the boys... We are the Mountain Goats, Nathan (14) and Terrence (12) and on Monday we climbed Mount Stone in the Olympic Mountains. Mount Stone is the highest point in Mason County (6,612 feet) and is pretty close to The Brothers. To get there you go about 3 miles past the Lena Lake Trailhead and then park on the road at the Putvin Trailhead. The elevation gain is 5,100 feet in 4 miles. The beginning of the trail is well-maintained and easy to follow with only a few switchbacks. After a mile and half in the woods, we entered some beautiful meadows with great views of Mount Pershin" - BryHong8, Jul 4, 2018
"A beautiful and fun scramble to Mason County's highest point. I'd heard a lot about the exposure on the summit block to Stone, so I was a bit hesitant to do it by myself. I'm glad I ended up doing it, as there are so many handholds and footholds that it's like climbing a ladder. The description in Peggy Goldman's book is pretty accurate so long as you ignore the map (which does not actually depict the "standard route"). I'd suggest traversing the bottom of the first big talus field you reach, to avoid the looser scree up top/closer to St Peter's Gate. Saw a huge rockfall come down from Pershin" - TynanRammGranberg, Sep 24, 2017
"Really had to work for this one.Thick fog rolled in and I turned up a gully too early. I had to take an interesting step from the snow to a loose class 4 scramble. Once I got on track it was real straight forward and a nice class 3 chimney to the summit. " - MatthewWinterberg, Jul 11, 2017



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