12,286 ft / 3,745 m


1,066 ft / 325 m


4 summits

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July   75%

August   25%

"We climbed from Wampum lake to Senger pass where my partners headed down to make camp at Sandpiper lake and i headed to the tarn just below the pass to begin my ascent of the east side. It was very steep and loose with quite a bit of technical class 3 at the top. It was a super fun climb with amazing views over Marie and Three Island lakes, and out to the Silver divide and the Ritter range. On the summit i met a guy named Roy who climbed up from Marie lake, he is hiking the JMT. He was the second person to sign the log book this year and i was the third, kinda crazy we came up on the same day." - DerekJayRichardson, Jul 13, 2014



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